News: Breer: Who's really in charge? Power structures vary across NFC East

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    By Albert Breer
    Reporter, and NFL Network


    Owner: Jerry Jones, 25th year
    General Manager: Jones
    Head Coach: Jason Garrett, 4th year
    Other front-office notables: Stephen Jones, COO/Director of Player Personnel; Tom Ciskowski, Assistant Director of Player Personnel; Will McClay, Director of Football Research; Todd Williams, Director of Football Administration.

    Who's really in charge? There's no question about this one: It's owner/general manager Jerry Jones. Jones has final say over all aspects of the football operation, from the draft to the 53-man roster, and is as involved as any owner, with the possible exception of Cincinnati Bengals boss Mike Brown.

    COO and director of player personnel Stephen Jones and head coach Jason Garrett are the two football-side employees who report directly to the owner. Garrett oversees his staff, while Jerry Jones' son sits atop the personnel department, fielding reports from assistant director of player personnel Tom Ciskowski, director of football research Will McClay and director of football administration Todd Williams. Ciskowski oversees college scouting and McClay pro scouting, while Williams handles contracts (which Adam Prasifka helps on) and all football operations (training camp, video, equipment, etc.).

    The Valley Ranch model has evolved over the years since Jimmy Johnson was coach, but it hasn't changed drastically. The head coach typically gains more of a voice over time on personnel moves and the roster, unless performance doesn't merit it.

    An outside perspective from an AFC executive: "I would say, speaking organizationally about the Cowboys, you shouldn't make any mistake about this: They are committed to winning. Now, the way they go about it, if you're thinking from a traditional sense, is a little different, because the guy making the decisions owns the organization, and he's not just making football decisions, but all the decisions. The way I know it to be, the scouts have opinions and are encouraged to express them, and the personnel people have input. But the guy (Jones) inherits a lot of responsibility, and that creates different dynamics because of how decisions are made."

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    Neat article. I like the anonymous executive insight. Normally anonymous stuff bugs me, but Breer gets the benefit of the doubt in my book.
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    His time at DMN was too short lived.
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    I really enjoyed this article. Informative -- which is rare these days.
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    It really was. He's great.

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