Video: Brett Favre on Romo's style of play

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    If you can, go back and watch some of those early games with Romo. He absolutely was more of a scrambler and he did break the pocket much more then he does now. Now, he almost never does that but in the beginning, he did.

    Go back and look at his game stats. He was never a guy who would rush for 100 yards a game but he was a guy who would take advantage of the defense and run. In 3 of his first 4 seasons, he ran for over 100 yards but in the last 4 seasons, he hasn't broken 50 yards a seasons. He doesn't run much anymore and he looks much slower then he did before and that's saying something because he was never all that fast.

    His body is deteriorating is the point. He's not the same guy he was when he was 26. It's only natural.

    Vick is definitely not the same player as he was when he was young. There is no question about that IMO.

    To say that the three QBs you named are having the best seasons of their careers might be true but what does that have to do with the fact that their bodies are breaking down? One has nothing to do with the other. One is about experience and how you can apply it now that you've gained that experience and the other is about longevity and how long you have left. Two different issues all together.
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    Oh I agree with you on that front. But I always ruled him simply not wanting to unneeded contact now after a few rib injuries. I don't think its that he physically can't. Every once in a while he'll do it. You believe its physical?

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    I don't see the mobility to break the pocket he had when he was younger. I mean, yeah, he can still do it and a lot of it is that he is now being coached not to do it but you can see a real difference, IMO, when he breaks the pocket. He was faster then then he is now. It's not a knock. It's just how it is. I mean, we all gotta get old and I only wish that I could still get around half as well as Tony can but strictly speaking, he is getting older and he can't do the physical things he used to. He doesn't heel like he used to and his arm probably isn't as strong as it once was but on the other hand, the game is about 1/4 the speed it was then for him. He understands what throws work in the NFL and what throws don't. His INTs have come way down from years past so he's starting to really understand the value of protecting the ball more.

    There are a lot of positive things about his game that he can use now, that were not there in the beginning. It's not all bad. It's simply a certain formula that consists of how long you can utilize that knowledge base you've spent years to acquire.
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    Romo is the same physically.. come on. I'm all for being honest but Tony Romo seems the same..he escapes the pocket still..he just don't have to do it as much because his o-line doesn't get devoured in one second.
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    History, on Brett's integrity.

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    You should watch Peyton Manning's throw against Baltimore in last year's playoff game. If Favre's throw is the worst, Manning's is 1A. Very similar -- old guy who found incredible regular season success in his first year with a new team, vainly trying to throw across his body late in a playoff game, only to see his weak pass get intercepted to clinch the game for the opposing team.

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    He's not the same. Heck, if you ask him, he will tell you that he's not the same but that's fine. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions.
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    Totally agree. He still has the nifty moves within the pocket but he is definitely slower than he used to be. And better than he's ever been because what he has lost in mobility, he has more than compensated for with experience. That's why I said it repeatedly this offseason, all I ask is that this offensive line give Romo a half second longer and he is going to do major damage. I think we're definitely seeing the benefits from an improved offensive line.
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    When have the Cowboys been down this season, let alone by 21 points?
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    I'm going to give you an opportunity to re-read what you're responding to...

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