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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sam I Am, Apr 26, 2009.

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    I've got to say, it pisses me off that a Longhorn went to the Foreskins, but...

    A lot of people had Washington getting Maybin, and I must say that I preferred them to get Orakpo instead. Why? Because I think Orakpo is going to have problems staying healthy. He is very strong and has a quick first step, but after the first step his overall speed isn't what his first step would make you think. It probably has more to do with his size and muscular build. Anyhow, I think he is abit better than Maybin, but as I said. I think Maybin will have a lot more playing time than Orakpo.

    Plus, with our power oline, Orakpo will have a harder time bull rushing which is what I think will be his best rush time. His first step will only help when he catches a tackle off balance.
  2. jimmy40

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    Sounds like you've almost got yourself talked into believing that. Orakpo beside Albert Haynesworth? Look out.
  3. ShiningStar

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    Yeah yeah and they said the same thing with anyone across Taylor, you would have thought the Skins traded for God himself.

    Lets see how he does first.
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    If he stays healthy, Orapko is the most gifted pass rusher in the draft. Being beside Haynesworth definitely won't make game day's any harder for him. We didn't need another QB assassin in this division as it was. Washington got great value there.
  5. Idgit

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    Orakpo was an awesome pick for the Sk*ns.
  6. Sam I Am

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    I think Larry English when it's all said and done will be the premier pass rusher out of this draft.
  7. Sam I Am

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    I think Orakpo is to large and that slows his pursuit speed. Granted, he has a quick first step. Of course, we will have to see how he turns out.

    btw, as I saw it, Orakpo won't be next to Haynesworth. Andre Carter will with Orakpo at the other DE spot. I think the best thing the Redskins could do would be to move Orakpo inside to DT. With Haynesworth demanding double teams, it would help Orakpo.
  8. Doomsday101

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    I have to say I think the skins made a very good selection with Orakpo. The guy never gives up on plays and is a relentless pass rusher. Having Haynsworth will only help but with or without Haynesworth in my view Orakpo is a heck of a player
  9. AdamJT13

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    BRIAN ORAKPO Texas 6-3 262 4.65 1

    Two-year starter played with his hand down but will stand up for 3-4 teams. "He's got great hips and he has a burst," one scout said. "He is talented and a terrific person. People expect more, but they play a team defense there. I called the defensive coordinator (Will Muschamp). They don't allow him to just chase the passer." Worked out exceptionally well at the combine and pro day (39½-inch vertical jump). "He's got everything you want as far as athletic ability," Brocato said. "A little lazy at times. He can make some plays and have a **** of a rush, then disappear for a few plays." Finished with 23 sacks and seven turnover plays. "He's a perfect 3-4 guy, but a lot of those Texas guys have kind of flamed out at the pro level," another scout said. "Strange place, man. They're coddled. He's like all those Texas guys. You don't know what you're getting." Wonderlic of 25. Led top linebackers by bench-pressing 225 pounds 31 times. "All he does is run straight lines," a third scout said. "Run, run, run. One-trick pony. He can't play the point at all. He doesn't have a natural feel for it. Not a really good space athlete."
  10. jimmy40

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    That makes no sense. Orakpo is not a tackle.
  11. wick

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  12. jimmy40

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    If Dallas drafted him I bet you would have found some different scouts.
  13. AdamJT13

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    Dead wrong. I've posted the exact same reviews for all of our draftees who were reviewed.

    Instead of reading what some internet schmoe thinks, these reviews give you opinions from actual NFL scouts, GMs, coaches and other personnel.

    Here they are --

    JASON WILLIAMS Western Illinois 6-1 238 4.49 3-4

    Small-school player didn't get combine invitation but was a big hit on pro day. "He's the hot guy in this draft," Chicago GM Jerry Angelo said. "He'll go third round because he ran in the 4.4s. Good player. He's tight. Plays on a straight line. He's a 'will' in both schemes." Three-year starter from Chicago DuSable High School with 289 tackles (42½ for loss), 15 sacks and 17 turnover plays, including 14 forced fumbles. "There's some intriguing things about him," said Baltimore personnel director Eric DeCosta. "I don't think he's really ready to play, but I like his size and speed. He's a raw guy that hasn't made a lot of plays." Vertical jump of 39 and Wonderlic of 21.

    ROBERT BREWSTER Ball State 6-4 324 5.29 4-5

    Started seven games at RG in '05 and the last three years at RT. "He's got good feet and is a pretty good competitor," Washington scout Shemy Schembechler said. "Coming from a small school, he's not sure how good he can be. He's better off playing guard." Overcame a serious weight problem early in college. "Big, strong, heavy guy," one scout said. "Tough kid. Kind of slow-footed."

    STEPHEN McGEE Texas A&M 6-3 223 4.65 3-4

    Two-year starter (rushed for 1,800 yards) in the freeze-option offense of Dennis Franchione but lost his job as a senior due to a shoulder injury and his fit in Mike Sherman’s West Coast attack. “He got caught between a rock and a hard place with two different coaches, two different styles,” one scout said. “He was a runner, then Mike Sherman wanted him to be more of a drop-back passer. He’s a big ol’ guy who can run and throw. Just real raw right now. He could be like that kid Kyle Boller. Similar type athlete. Could be a sleeper.” Started just three games in 2008. Finished with a passer rating of 84.5. “He’s got more talent than 80% of the quarterbacks out there,” another scout said. “He’s tough. Had some bad luck with injuries.” Wonderlic of 25.

    JOHN PHILLIPS Virginia 6-5½ 249 4.80 5

    Started 27 of 49 games. "They all share time at Virginia but they all stuck in the league as the No. 3 tight end," Seattle scout Charles Fisher said. "He'll stick. He blocks and he catches. He's been coached well. He's ready to play." Easily could add 20 pounds. "He'll give you what he can, and you'll like it," Buffalo VP Tom Modrak said. Finished with 69 catches for 670 yards (9.7) and five TDs.

    DAVID BUEHLER Southern California 6-1 1/2 227 4-6

    "He's a tremendous kickoff guy," said Eric DeCosta, Baltimore's director of player personnel. "He's raw on his techniques as a field-goal kicker." Booted 48 touchbacks in 88 attempts in 2008, an impressive 54.6%. Two-year FG kicker made 26 of 33 (78.8%). "Thing with him is, he just tries to kill the ball all the time," an NFC special-teams coach said. "He just needs to control his approach a little bit." Athletic (4.61 seconds in the 40-yard dash) and strong enough (bench-pressed 225 pounds 25 times) to have played RB and LB in junior college before transferring to USC in '06. "He looks like a safety," one scout said. His uncle, George, was an outstanding guard for Oakland from 1969-'78. "Mentally, he's very strong," an AFC special-teams coach said. "He's not like a typical kicker. Very aggressive. Very focused. Built like the (Nick) Folk kid at Dallas. Really a solid character kid."

    MICHAEL HAMLIN Clemson 6-2 211 4.60 5

    Co-captain and team leader. Started 43 of 48 games, finishing with 14 interceptions and 22 passes defended. "Another big stiff guy," one scout said. "Not a space player. For a big guy, not very strong (bench-pressed 225 pounds 17 times)." Got run over several times in Alabama game. "He looks great," another scout said. "But he's straight-line and stiff." Directs traffic well and is a good communicator. "He can't run," a third scout said. "And he isn't always physical."

    "In a Journal Sentinel poll ... 19 scouts with national orientation were asked to rank the best cornerbacks and the best safeties on a 1-to-4 basis. A first-place vote was worth four points, a second three and so on.

    At cornerback, Jenkins (11 first) led the way with 66 points, ahead of Vontae Davis (six firsts) and 47 points; Darius Butler (two firsts), 38; Alphonso Smith, 31; Kevin Barnes, Mike Mickens and Sean Smith, each two; and Byrd and D.J. Moore, one apiece.

    At safety, Louis Delmas (14 firsts) easily won with 62 points, ahead of Patrick Chung, 39; William Moore (three firsts), 36; Rashad Johnson (one first), 22; Chip Vaughn, eight; Sherrod Martin, six; Byrd (one first), five; and Michael Hamlin, three."

    You can read more about other players in the draft here --
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    I don't recall you highlighting the negatives for our guys in bold, though.
  15. AdamJT13

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    Why would I?

    I'm a Cowboys fan, not a Cowboys hater.
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  17. AmishCowboy

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    I could post the TSN report that calls him a classic Boom or bust pick.
  18. HoosierCowboy

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    I like Orakpo, but I've always thought he was a bit overrated. a one trick pony
  19. Paniolo22

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    :stupid: If this wasn't a joke, it wins stupid post of the day.
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    :laugh2: Agreed.

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