Brian Waters would be as vital as Melton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Yeah, Martin would be a solid pick.
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    But Waters is so superior to anybody we have except Smith and Fredrickson..

    even admittedly out of shape.

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    Tell me again what Leary did in his 1st NFL season as a starter to deserve a demotion?
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    I would like to get Parnell some playing time this year. I think he has potential(he has the build) and I would hate to give up on him without knowing whether he can start or not. An OG that could start in 2015 should be drafted.
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    You many be right and maybe not. Both have made progress although I have to admit I don't trust either. But then I don't trust Waters to stay on the field. Mack filled in reasonably well. If I knew Waters could stay healthy.....but I'd rather roll the dice on a young guy. We need depth along the interior and I'd love having a C/G to add to the fold.
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    OL I felt did a good job even after Waters went down, my issue is people talk about the country club atmosphere well here is the chance to put the foot down. You want to play? Then sign a contract and get to camp. I like Waters and maybe if I was in his shoes I too would sit around wait till camp is done then choose to play but for the Cowboys I think they have to start changing the mindset that we are here to work and win games not this attitude I will show up when I'm ready. Sometime you do things for the greater good.
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    Just to play devils advocate what did he do to deserve being penciled in as the starter in March? I didn't see him blowing up people like scouts said he's capable of. Zach Martin pick would make me a happy man if we can't get a DL stud. With that said i think Leary is an ok starter but I don't see his ceiling growing with a degenerative knee so if I can replace I am
  10. DezBRomo9

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    So who is this year's Larry Warford? The new guy to earn your shoulda coulda drafted this OG instead of skill position player X award?
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    I'm convinced that Parnell would be better than Free after a few starts. Physically, you can't get much better. He is much much stronger than Free and his athleticism is similar to Tyron's. The issue is that he has minimal experience and the only way to get experience is to play in real games. He maxed out in terms of practice and preseason games. Callahan wanted to bench Free and start Parnell in 2012, but "management" preferred the more experienced Free. The compromise was a rotation for the final 4 games of that season. Parnell was injured for most of the 2013 preseason and didn't get a chance to unseat Free; although, I'm not sure it was an open competition anyway. The Cowboys have been known to play the guys with bigger contracts.
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    Waters is done....
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    Time to move on from Waters, draft an OG to get ready to play soon. I'm ok with keeping the OL the same going into this year. But we need depth and a few eventual starters in a few years.
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    The line played well but Free's replacement should be drafted this year. He is too weak for the position and too inconsistent to be built upon. Of course we can't draft all the positions we want in one draft, but a tackle or guard in the early rounds would be good for depth/2015 starter. If the DL of choice are off the board, Martin wouldn't be a bad choice as an initial starting G and hopeful starting T in 2015.
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  15. CowboyFan74

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    Dude could come out of the hospital and still be better than half the guards in the league, he was a beast when we had him.. I saw him block two guys on several plays...
  16. Doomsday101

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    I am, Cowboys need a culture change. You want the job you go out and earn the job.

    There was a time when Jerry and Jimmy were together that was the case even with pay. When Irvin wanted jerry Rice money Jerry told him produce like Jerry and you will get the money. Same with Emmitt when he wanted Barry Sanders money. They went out and earned it and jerry paid.
  17. gimmesix

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    No. He'd come back and start if something happened to Bern or Leary, or if either played poorly enough in the preseason for Dallas to feel it can't trust them.
  18. xwalker

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    Leary was playing at a very high level by the end of the season. I had him graded as having a near perfect game near the end of the season.

    He was even better if you understand what they were doing within the scheme.

    The had Bern keep a closer than normal spacing to Free in pass pro. This prevented the outsiide rusher from beating Free to the inside and allowed Free to overset to the outside giving him an advantage. They had Fred heavily favor helping to the fight to compensate for Bern who was compensating for Free. The net result was that despite being a first time starter with zero experience prior to the 2013 season, Leary received minimal help and often was on a island similar to an OT. It was terrific coaching to make Free appear to be a much improve player when in reality most of his improvement came from the scheme.

    Bern was decent by the end of the season due to finally being healthy; however, he was not as good as Leary.

    The biggest issue that they have zero depth at OG.

    Degenerative is probably not a good description of Leary's knee issue. If it fails, then it's bad, but short of it faliing or coming loose, it shouldn't bother him. It's kind of like Irvin's spinal issue. It was not expected to ever bother him unless he got hit in just the right spot at which point it could have been catastrophic.

    Jonathan Vilma was diagnosed in High School with the same condition as Leary. He made it through college and 10 years in the NFL without it ever failing.
  19. Eddie

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    Leery and Bernadette Peters did fine. We don't need All Pro's at the OG spots. Fred-beard anchored the middle, and suddenly Bernadette Peters became a serviceable OG.
  20. conner01

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    one thing to consider is waters was'nt what he is today, or when he finished, when he started. it takes time to develope guys and waters is a prime example of a guy who took time to develope. when he did he was a great one but leary has one year and was as good last year as waters was his first year. does'nt mean he will ever reach what waters does but you only find out if they play

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