Signed by Cowboys Brice Butler re-signs with the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BoysfanfromNY, Mar 8, 2017.

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    I agree. Playing behind TWILL didn't allow him to develop. His flashes of a dependable receiver seemed to develop as the season progressed. I recall one play where he almost allowed an interception, and Dez got on him for not protecting the ball. Another play I remember is a play where he tried to catch the ball with a body catch, and Dez admonished him for not reaching out with his hands to catch the ball.

    I think he will be as effective as Williams
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    Taywan Taylor in the 4th.
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    If we can upgrade in the draft and the opportunity presents ittself this signing doesn't prevent that. He has some theoretical upside and is almost as good as Williams at a fraction of the cost. If we had to stand pat at receiver with no more signings we could probably get by if we had to. That is a good thing.
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    It is weird.

    There have been lesser WRs than Williams already getting their deals. Markus Wheaton, Kenny Britt, Ted Ginn, Robert Woods.

    Makes you wonder what and who he is waiting on.
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    Not sure I'd call them all "lesser", but there are some names where I think Williams is better and it's surprising they have gotten deals first. All I can think is that he and his agent have overestimated his market and asking price.

    I've heard nothing about him.
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    He'll make a great 8th
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    If we can draft a beast like Njoku then it'll solve two issues: 1) Witten's heir, 2) #2 receiving threat.
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    At that price he will likely have to earn a roster spot
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    Winner winner.......

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