Brinkley/McBath - get ready

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DBOY3141, Apr 18, 2009.

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    #51 - Jasper Brinkley
    #69 - Darcel McBath

    Dallas will select these two players with their first two picks. Our safety's and ILB are weak and these two guys will contribute right away this year and be starting in 2010. Brinkley is starting to shoot up the charts and is looking to regain his 2007 form before his knee injury. McBath is a playmaker that we need at the safety position.
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    One constructive suggestion-- when you're expressing your OPINION, make sure you label it as such, rather than making it sound like a fact...

    Everybody has their right to an opinion, but the way you've phrased this, you're gonna look like a cosmic fool if it doesn't happen (which it probably won't)...

    Had you started out with something like "IMO, the Cowboys should select these two players with their first two picks", then your post would have been an interesting one, worthy of discussion... but worded the way it is, the only response I coud offer would be a sarcastic "yeah, that'll happen"...

    I honestly don't believe that Brinkley will rise THAT far, and McBath might not slide to 69... your scenario would have been somewhat more believable had you reversed the order, had the Boys drafting Darcel at 51 and Jasper at 69... to be honest with you, I could easily see the Boys drafting McBath in that range, but I kinda doubt they'd draft an ILB that early... later in the draft, sure... for one thing, the Boys want a weakside ILB, a cover 'backer, a position that doesn't suit Brinkley; he'd be more of a candidate to play Bradie James' strongside ILB role... even when he was healthy, he really wasn't a cover 'backer...
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    Actually, I could see this.

    Although if I had to bet, I *still* think we'd like a true SS instead of a FS.

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