News: Broaddus: Breaking Down Kiffin’s “Tampa-2” Defense

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    Broaddus: Breaking Down Kiffin’s “Tampa-2” Defense

    Bryan Broaddus Football Analyst/Scout

    IRVING, Texas – With Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett on the verge of naming Monte Kiffin as the defensive coordinator replacing Rob Ryan, there’s been plenty of discussion on the style of defense that Kiffin will bring with him to Dallas. But it’s a scheme that Cowboys fans have seen before.

    Under Dave Campo and Mike Zimmer, the Tampa 2 defense was used here with some nice success, but the biggest difference in the way the Cowboys ran it compared to Kiffin’s version is that he had John Lynch, Ronde Barber, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and Simeon Rice. Even during the first season with Bill Parcells, Zimmer was calling defenses with La’Roi Glover and Dat Nguyen in this Tampa 2 look until Parcells convinced Jones that it was easier to find players to play in the 3-4, since it was a cheaper form of defense to play, because you didn’t have to pay the outside linebacker what you were paying defensive ends.

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    That was a good article.
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    It was a good article.

    Glad we got rid of that piker Rob Ryan.
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    Fantastic article! Clears up a whole lot of misinformation in my mind...
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    I agree with the collective
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    Informative article.
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    Looking forward to seeing how the draft and FA market shape up.
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    Are OLBs still cheaper than DEs?
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    I still hope we do not let Spencer walk - regardless of scheme you try to get your best 11 players on the field and I would say that Spencer is one of the best five players we have.
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    I would think they should be closer together at this point now that more teams are running the 3-4 defense. I remember when we went to the 3-4, very few teams ran it.
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    I remember a couple of years ago, when Terrell Suggs was being franchised by the Ravens, he was trying to argue that he should be classified as a DE instead of an OLB, because the DE tag was higher. Not sure if the gap hasn't closed, but doubt it when you look at the contracts Peppers and Williams have signed.

    Really good article. Hopefully helps for those who thought Tampa 2 was just a zone (like me).
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    So the FS seems like one of the most important parts on the defense. The article says Church can be that guy. Do you agree or do you think we need to address this with our top pick in the draft?
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    I love articles like this! Very informative. I believe that Church is the key to this whole thing. I hope he is as smart as they say.

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