News: Broaddus: Changing Schemes Will Benefit Lee As Inside Backer

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 2, 2013.

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    There were several things that I learned about this roster last season that will help me when it comes to finding players for this upcoming 2013 NFL Draft. Regardless of the scheme change, this defense is in great hands with Sean Lee and Bruce Carter as the major pieces of it. The scheme calls for an athletic, aware, solid tacking middle linebacker which fits Lee to a tee.

    As outstanding as Lee is finding the football, working his way through trash and making tackles, he is even better as a defender in pass coverage. He can play man coverage but has a really nice feel for zone drops and where he needs to fit. His ability to react was put on display several times this season against Tampa on a zone drop, then driving on the ball for an interception. Then against Carolina where the receiver ran a route behind him on third down and he was able to knock the ball loose. Lee will benefit having two defensive linemen in front of him instead of just one. By playing covered, he really has a chance to chase the ball because he will not have to always take on blocks. Lee’s ability to read scheme quickly will really help him in this defense both run and pass.
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    If the players could only stay healthy....

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