News: Broaddus: Def. Tackles Shine; Witten Cranks Up Intensity

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    Bryan Broaddus

    Some thoughts and observations from the Cowboys first mini-camp practice of the week.

    I thought it was an outstanding day for the defensive tackles on this team during the practice as a group. Jay Ratliff and Jason Hatcher were disruptive throughout the day. Depending on the call, there were times where Hatcher lined up as the three and Ratliff as the one and he was a handful for Travis Frederick.

    Hatcher had a couple of plays where he was explosive up the field, one time using a swim move going to his right beating the block of Ronald Leary and getting into the backfield for what would have been a tackle for loss. Ben Bass at the three beat blocks on-on-one and even got so far up the field, he was able to get his hand up to deflect a Kyle Orton pass. Nick Hayden did a nice job of keeping his shoulders square in the running game, not getting turned from the one and making the ball have to spill outside to his teammates.

    Newly-signed Jeris Pendleton even got in the action as a one technique and appears that he will need to focus more on his quickness off the snap because it was very clear that his line mates did a much better job of getting off the rock. Pendleton looked a tick slow which caused him to get hooked on the play a couple of different times but overall as a group their film review will be positive.

    If it is possible for a player to continue to take his game to another level, Jason Witten is doing his best to make that happen. Witten has always been super competitive in the way he practices but with veteran safety Will Allen back at practice, Witten did his best to try and wear him out with his routes.

    Allen prides himself as a physical cover man did his best to match Witten who is a nightmare to deal with because of how well he understands how to run his route that puts the defender off balance. He did a nice job of leaning on Allen to give himself room in the route, then later came back against Sean Lee on a crossing working his right arm into Lee which knocked him away, on the play, Lee could do nothing but watch as Witten then turning up the field for the catch.

    What I have also noticed more about Witten and this offensive scheme that he is running more routes down the middle of the field in the red zone. Too many times in the past seasons when drives have stalled in the red zone, I often wondered to myself, why not try and get the ball to the best player on the field when it comes to playing in a tight area and making a contested catch. It appears that the coaches are trying now to get him more in the mix which a good thing. If Anthony Spencer has been the best defensive player in my eyes in these camps and no disrespect to Dez Bryant but Witten is that player on the offense for me.

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    Either our DTs are gonna be great this year or our interior OLine is gonna have problems. Anyway, I think Ben Bass will be a good rotational guy this year. The other guys won't make the roster. Rat, Hatch, Bass and Liss will take up most the snaps. Crawford might play inside from time to time.
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    Rat and Hatch are gonna tear it up. :starspin

    Man I wish it was that time already...
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    Broaddus is the only source in Big D, in my opinion. Thank you!
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    In a 4-3 scheme, the 1 and 3 techs puts an enormous amount of pressure on blocking assignments because by alignment they are already influencing double teams. With our interior quickness it should put even more pressure on offensive lineman. Some of the early reported success can be attributed to our interior offensive linemen inexperience but it would be a mistake to discount the effectiveness of our scheme and our player's abilities.
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    If you read the last paragraph in the article they mention how Leach would not be a good fit here in Dallas bc we seem to be running more of a 1 back system yadda yadda...

    my question is are they phasing out Vickers?

    I wouldn't be upset if they did.
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    Either way, it should make both lines better as the season progresses.
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    I would not be surprised if they release him once he passes his physical.
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    Me neither. He was awful last season. Would save a decent amount towards the cap too.
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    Most certainly...

    Rat if he stays healthy will give centers and guards fits this season. Hatcher ain't chopliver either, it will be refreshing if we can field a defense that will force teams to attach the edges into the arms of Ware and Spencer or Carter running down hill unblocked.
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    considering our d-line sucked a little less than the o-line, im assuming the o-line will be miserable.
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    every position outside the trenches, however, im excited about

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