Broaddus DL should be first pick

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. yentl911

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    Doesn't it take the players a year or two to get the nuances of a new system? That is what was said when we first brought in Ryan - they need to learn the scheme - even though it was still a 3-4. Now we are going to be making a huge scheme change - some of these guys have played in a 3-4 their entire career.

    This does not make sense. I think we are a player or two away from being an elite 3-4 defense IMO.

    This is a step back.
  2. Deep_Freeze

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    Its a step back to sell fans on change and sell more tickets.

    Another trick by Jerry to sell the team to us, but I'm not buying it, this wasn't a change that will improve us next season.
  3. JonJon

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    All the scouting reports on Wilber said that he would be a much better fit for a 4-3 than he would in a 3-4. I think he indeed would play the Sam with Lee playing the Mike and Carter playing Will.
  4. Deep_Freeze

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    Well I will say this, if we do make this change and as you guys keep saying, all of a sudden Crawford and Wilbur end up starters.....that will shut up alot of people about this past draft.

    But counting on either to become starters as of right now with a new 4-3, might be wishful thinking.
  5. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Seems as though Dallas will be moving back to their traditional 4-3 defense which would make a lot of sense if you really look at it... Spencer and Ware would be terrors on the defensive line.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Depending on FA moves I wouldn't be opposed to going DL at 18 or where ever we end up.
  7. gmoney112

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    Is Wilber quick enough to play the Sam position? He ran a 4.86 at the Combine and a few scouting reports I read reported him being poor in coverage and "stiff".

    That's not a big deal in a 3-4 defense, but lining up on the strong side and being responsible for the tight end in any Tampa 2 variation is a different ballgame. I'm not saying he can't do it, but I don't think he can. I'm guessing they'll ask him to bulk up and he'll rotate in at RDE in the few instances Ware comes out of the game. I don't believe our Sam linebacker is currently on the roster.
  8. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Wilbur is a 4-3 DE

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    No, he could not play the 0 or 1 in a 43. In our 34, he played NT but he did not play the traditional NT. His job was to slice into the A or B gap and force the flow to one side or the other. That's why you would often see him running himself out of a play. In actuality, he was forcing the play. So he really could not be a 0 or 1 in a 43 IMO. At least, not for long. He would break down too soon IMO.

    It's not that I want him gone. I actually think Rat would be a fine 3 Tech in a 43. I just believe that because of what happened earlier in the year, Jerry is going to cut him. There is a very old rule in sports. It's an unwritten rule kind of thing. If a player threatens an Owner or GM physically, he's gone. This goes back as far as I can recall. You just can't have it. These players are two big, to strong. You just can not have that kind of thing happen. Even if Jerry wanted to look the other way and just keep him on the team, I suspect that the other owners would force Jerry to take action simply because they would demand an example be made. The implications of doing nothing could be problematic. The other owners do not want players to get it in their heads that they can act out in a physical manner against Ownership or the Front Office so it's my guess that they will force the situation. Also, if you do nothing, that sets a precedence for future consideration and could limit other Owners and their ability to deal with these kinds of situations in future. If Jerry creates precedence here, would it then give the Player's Union footing for future actions on behalf of players in these kinds of situations? I just think that the dye is cast on Rat. I think circumstances are going to force the issue some what.

    Remember, the last time we went our own way, so to speak, the owners forced the NFL to fine us 10 million for doing absolutely nothing illegal. I would not be surprised to see the same kind of thing happen if Jerry decided to ignore the rest of the Owners in a matter such as this.

    I don't know that this is the case but I do believe that it's very, very plausible and that is primarily why I believe Rat is gone.
  10. btcutter

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    In a 4-3 the premium is the DL. Lbs needs to be able to run and cover sideline to sideline. Lemon would be ok. But we would be pretty thin in LB Corp. DT is a major issues regardless of 4-3 3-4. DE has zero depth.

    The entire draft and FA should he OL/DL.
  11. xwalker

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    That would be better than trying to force a position in the draft.
  12. Deep_Freeze

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    Well I'm not saying TRat can play it for forever, but next season he could do it. After that we can fill the hole, problem is we already have too many holes to fill if we let Spencer walk to allow TRat to get away too with this kinda change.

    We would suddenly be looking at a DT, DE, and LB to get in our front 7 with noone to play the positions at all. At least in the 3-4 we had players to fill the positions, but with the change we can't afford to just go willy nilly firing players.

    Now point taken about all the TRat/Jerry drama, but if Jerry wants to cut TRat then he shouldn't be trying to switch to the 4-3.
  13. Pabst

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    Both trenches, please. MAYBE a safety if a really great one slides for some reason.
  14. TheCoolFan

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    I'd be happy with DLine. New anchor up front so Ware can take a more complimentary role as he gets older.
  15. Yoshimitsu

    Yoshimitsu Lurch

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    This draft should be heavy on DL/OL/FS.

    No more drafting WR and RBs Jerry. Please and thank you.
  16. ajk23az

    ajk23az Through Pain Comes Clarity

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    Spears is gone. Almost inevitable.

    Ratliff's future is up in the air yet.

    We have ZERO depth at the tackle position. Sheldon Richardson, Jesse Williams, Shariff Floyd come on down...
  17. cowboyschmps3

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    Yah lets go
  18. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    Best Player Available regardless of position. Stick with that philosophy. You never know what position will all of the sudden become a need. The Cowboys looked to be good at LB and C until a rash of injuries decimated both positions.

    I'm guessing/hoping it will be Warmack.
  19. tyke1doe

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    TO from the Eagles? :huh:
  20. Sb or Bust

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    Maybe we give IR players a chance? Ben Bass? Caleb McSurdy? We can't fill all holes thru FA and the draft. Some players just need to step up. The answers might already be in house.

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