News: Broaddus: Film Shows Smooth, Athleticism In Newly-Signed TE

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout

    On Monday, I went into the film room and took a look at some of the work of newly-signed tight end Dante Rosario, who replaces Paul Freedman, who was placed on waivers.

    Games Viewed: Oakland, Tennessee, Atlanta, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Kansas City

    Strengths: Is smooth up the field….really moves well for a player of his size….can get in and out of his breaks…can redirect and find space…will get his head around quickly for the ball…was a problem for the Titans in the red zone, once on a crossing route and the other, vertical against the linebacker….can get separation…stick nod…can make the high adjust for the ball in the air (Oakland)…dependable hands….will catch the ball behind him…only observed one clear drop when he tried to body catch…is used on several different route combinations…can work inside between the hashes or outside the numbers…has lined up all over the formation…used as a wide receiver, flex tight end on the front side and wing on the backside….will line up at times as the inline “Y” but more times than not he is off the ball…knows how to push off…has the movement skills to be a zone blocker….feet and his athletic movements are good…not slow footed…will stay in for pass pro and was not beaten for any pressures…

    Read the rest for his weaknesses:
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    Thanks for posting a usual WG.
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    One of those many veterans that gets lost in the salary cap shuffle.

    I'd sure like to see another one, or two, fall our way.

    Preferably a big DT or G.
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    I watched this guy at UCLA. He's an athlete not a good football player. All tease with potential but hand of stone and does not adjust to ball in flight well.
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    Are you sure you've got the right player here? Dante Rosario played for Oregon in college, not UCLA.
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    No wonder he didn't look good as a football player at UCLA.
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    My bad....LOL! Nelson Rosario was the guy at UCLA.
    Maybe this guy has hope yet.
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    for second there you were ruining my super bowl plans.

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