News: Broaddus: Fixing the Cowboys: Find CB first, then draft defense

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    By Bryan Broaddus

    This is the third installment of Fixing the Cowboys:

    When the final whistle blew on that chilly night at MetLife Stadium, the season ended for the Dallas Cowboys. The hope of a division title died with a roster that wasn’t good enough to compete with the Giants for the second time in four weeks. If Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are honest with themselves, they will look at this roster and say that it’s just not good enough to compete with the Giants and the Eagles. We can talk about the Super Bowl all we want, but if you are not playing well in your division, there are going to be problems.


    When I worked for the Cowboys, the biggest issues I had during our final meeting of the season was that we were not honest with the makeup of our squad. When you go 5-11 for three straight seasons and the coaches talk about the players like we were 11-5, there are going to be problems. Garrett and these coaches can't keep Jerry from believing his roster is better than it really is. I'm not going to say that there isn't talent on this team, but I will say there were players on this roster that Jones and Garrett were counting on that just weren't good enough.

    Here is what I would try and do to help it:

    Read the rest:
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    It is like Broaddus is still reading this board.
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    It's a good read IMO. But everyone knows the book on this team now. Not as talented as previously thought, and needs O-line, secondary, and pass-rush help.
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    Agree. And my list of priorities, CB, D-Line, O-Line are about equal... aye, there's the rub.
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    But should mitigate the temptation to "reach." :)
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    Protecting the QB and opening up holes for the running backs should be the number 1 priority in this off-season. Carl Nicks is the potential free agent who could make the biggest impact on the Cowboys, imso. Plus, Nicks is simply the BPA at a big time need position (OG) and the safest, best investment on the board for Dallas.

    The Cowboys should follow the Jets model if they want to build a dominant offensive line. Dallas should continue to build off their now 21 year old, blue-chip cornerstone, Tyron Smith.


    1. Tyron Smith (# 9 pick of the 2011 draft)
    2. Doug Free (FA retained 2011)


    1. D'Brickashaw Ferguson (# 4 pick of the 2006 draft)
    2. Nick Mangold (#29 pick of the 2006 draft)
    3. Alan Faneca (FA 2008; All-Pro guard)
    4. Damien Woody (FA 2008)

    The Cowboys have made two of the four moves by drafting a 20 year old, blue-chip offensive tackle (in the top 10) and locking up OT Doug Free. I think they should take another page out of the Jets playbook and pursue and sign Carl Nicks (if he hits the market). Nicks is your All-Pro guard (see step 3). At 14, David DeCastro would give you another young blue-chip talent and mirror the addition of Mangold's blue-chip talent in the interior.
    (see step 2)

    center (TBD)

    I didn't address center, but I have added the undisputed best interior players from free agency and the draft. That should yield much better results than trying to force feed center. Perhaps, Costa, Kowalski, Arkin, or Kosier can man the center spot. You can always look for other options, but the best players (Nicks and DeCastro) are the priority, not a position.
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    A very good read.
  8. Randy White

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    " You might not want to trust Jerry Jones, but you should trust Jason Garrett. I think he gets it. ".... Bryan Broaddus
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    Here is another argument for going after the All-Pro guard.

    In 2005, the Cowboys spent $ 30 million dollars in guaranteed money on three players:

    Anthony Henry
    Marco Rivera
    Jason Ferguson

    How did spreading the resources work out then?

    I think all three players were busts.

    Carl Nicks has at least 5 years of his prime ahead of him, and he will play at 27 years old next year. The Cowboys have three big needs in the interior of the offensive line, and Nicks should be one of the safest investments on the market and the best player available at a need position for the Cowboys. Dallas should be able to sign Nicks (if available) and still do some other things. New Orleans may find a way to keep him. Time will tell, but I sure hope he hits the market. Furthermore, I hope Bill Callahan points to the Jets blue-print of building a dominant offensive line. The Jets had three blue-chip talents in their offensive line, and Dallas has one right now, Tyron Smith. Woody was a force at RT, too.

    Signing Nicks would give Dallas 3/4 of the moves that reflect the Jets blue-print.

    Drafting David DeCastro would be 4/4 of the moves.
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    It's not about spending money. It's about jeffro and his belief he's football all. Plenty of hacks from coaches to players at his menical behest. It's a culture he has bred and it will never change.
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    No they weren't. 2 of them did well ( Henry and Ferguson ) while the other one just got injured and couldn't contribute much because of it. Henry provided the counter to T.O. and started many games for us. Feguson not only was stable in the middle for many games, but provided leadership and took players like Jay Ratliff under his wing. They just got old and their play declined just like about every other player that gets old.

    Why fans think that if a FA doesn't become a pro bowl player he's automatically a bust is beyond me. Here's some breaking news: the majority of free agents do not become pro bowl players, but contribute in other ways. That was true in the Plan B free agency that was implemented during the Jimmah years, and it's true today.
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    I agree and frankly I don't care in which order we address them in. Main thing is getting the quality players be it in the draft or FA to fill these areas.
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    Yep. And the good news is that this is a good year in both FA and the draft for two of those positions. Unfortunately, the position we need to improve most is pass rush, and there aren't that many good options available out there. It'll be expensive if we're going to do it this offseason. Or we have to hope we can get lucky in the draft, or in FA the way the Eagles did with Jason Babin. Not likely.
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    Henry and Ferguson were FAR from busts.
  15. 28 Joker

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    The Cowboys should look at CB Josh Norman from Coastal Carolina and CB Stephon Gilmore of South Carolina. If they like Kirkpatrick, they will probably like Norman and Gilmore. Mike Mayock stated that Norman is probably a top 100 pick and could rise into the 2nd round. Gilmore is a second round prospect now. Those are the two guys that I like.

    I do see the need to fix LCB. I don't think Orlando Scandrick is close to being the answer, imo. In fact, the Cowboys could really use two new young CBs to pair with Mike Jenkins. I wouldn't overpay for Grimes or Finnegan. I've seen what Andre Johnson has done to Finnegan, and I don't think that move would be good against the Giants (Nicks). Finnegan would match-up better against the Eagles. I think the Titans believe that the Rams might make a play for Finnegan and Griffin. I've watched Finnegan, and (imo) he is not a number 1 caliber CB or shadow cover CB. Finnegan appeared to play better when he just played RCB. He will probably get overpaid. Finnegan would be an upgrade in Dallas, but you really need a pure number 1 CB at LCB. I would try to get bigger and younger at that spot, too.

    David DeCastro is still >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all the 34 SOLBs who could be available at 14, imo. I don't see DeMarcus Ware or an Aldon Smith in this draft. Ware was drafted at 11. If I saw a guy like that, then the OLB crew would have a stronger argument, imo. Ware will play at 30 this year. Time will tell. That OLB being considered at 14 better have a significant distinction from Anthony Spencer if he wants to be in the mix at 14, imo. That player better have some serious explosion and burst, and that player better be a dynamic pass rusher.

    In fact, Donte Hightower is the Alabama player who appears to have a good closing burst to the QB. Hightower appears to have more closing burst to the QB than anyone except for Ware on the defense. Ingram is no sure thing at SOLB, either. Although, I like him better than Upshaw. Nevertheless, I'm not sold on him at 14, either. I've seen the results of the evaluations on Kevin Burnett, Bobby Carpenter, and Anthony Spencer. Burnett should have at least been a good inside linebacker in Dallas. Burnett was moved inside.

    David DeCastro is a blue-chip player and a safe investment. Plus, he fills a huge need in the interior.

    Last year, it was Tyron Smith VS J.J. Watt, and Jason Garrett put a stop to the defensive draft happy tendencies of the organization (especially in round 1), and he took the undisputed most valuable, best player on the board (Tyron Smith) and stopped the under-valuing of the offensive line and filled a huge need at the same time. Garrett should have put his foot down and drafted Denarius Moore in round 5, too.

    We shall see.

    Stephon Gilmore (CB South Carolina) is a CB to watch. Perhaps, he rises and gets into the mix at 14.
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    How many games did Anthony Henry miss in 2005, and how many games did he start that year?

    4 games missed and 10 starts

    Henry had a solid 2006 even though he was banged up in December (remember the Saints game). That was Henry's best year in Dallas, and he had a good YPA according to Joyner. ( Plus, he started 16 games and the playoff game.) That was the year where Henry led the NFL in targets according to K.C. Joyner (104). Newman was outstanding on the other side. It was the Dallas safeties who were exposed by the Saints and Lions.

    Henry was hurt in the 2007 Rams game and missed 3 games. Henry missed 6 starts in 2007, too. He came back in the dime and sub-packages towards the end of the year. However, when they started him in the playoffs, a done Amonte Toomer roasted him in the playoffs while Newman held Burress to 1-5.

    Henry was obviously done in 2008, and the Cowboys should not have pulled Mike Jenkins out of the starting lineup. Jenkins played plenty good enough when he replaced Henry in the starting lineup. Jenkins should have kept Henry's job in 2008. In fact, I wanted Henry cut after the 2007 loss to the Giants. There was nothing like watching Henry limp around and point to his man running wide open. Henry was roasted on post routes for TDs in 2008, and again, he should have been cut before the 2008 year started. I advocated that move after watching his play in the divisional round.

    Henry was paid like Dallas' best CB, but Newman was Dallas' best CB.

    Ferguson was hurt in 2005 and was limited in his impact. Ferguson only started 5 games in 2005. He started in 16 games (2006) and did pretty good. However, he was hurt in game one of 2007 and never played another down in Dallas. Jay Ratliff took over.

    Do you really think Dallas received what it bought?

    Not me...Not even close....

    Players like Carl Nicks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a group of players like Henry, Ferguson, Rivera.
  17. 28 Joker

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    Wes Bunting gives Stephon Gilmore to Tennessee at 20 (in his latest mock draft). DeCastro goes to Arizona at 13. He gives Konz to Dallas. Vela states that DeCastro's hot zone will likely be in the 11-14 range, and the Chiefs and Cardinals should be significant threats to take him.

    Dallas' short list at 14 could look like this based on Rafael Vela's analysis with Wes Bunting:


    I don't think Ingram or Upshaw should be able to even compete with the blue-chip DeCastro at 14, because they are not blue-chip pass rushers in the mold of Ware or Aldon Smith, imo. On the other hand, DeCastro is a blue-chip player who offers low risk and high reward. Brockers projects to a 5 technique who could go in the top 10 according to Bunting, via Vela. Kirkpatrick should be long gone by 14.

    A Stephon Gilmore rise into Dallas' range should give Dallas another solid option at 14, because DeCastro isn't a lock to get to 14. Pursuing and signing Carl Nicks (if he hits the market), a move that reflects the Jets model and fits what the Cowboys really need, should gain even more momentum.

    I don't want to see the next Anthony Spencer drafted at 14. Yet again, I don't want Rob Ryan, the defensive coaches, or "Valley Ranch" making this decision. I want Garrett making this call. In Dallas, the head coach has to be a very good personnel evaluator due to the erratic nature of some opinions at Valley Ranch.

    Again, I've seen the results of the evaluations from 2 defensive head coaches at SOLB. Carpenter and Spencer in the 1st round...Burnett in the 2nd round...Williams and Butler in the 4th round...That is 5 players and 5 draft picks....2 first rounders and 1 2nd rounder and 2 4th rounders...Yet, here we are again. The Cowboys are not good enough to keep blowing premium picks at one position.

    Yet again, drafting the next Carpenter or Spencer at 14 would be a disaster. It would be like finally going under in quicksand. Ware is going to play at 30 next year, and the Cowboys really need some answers opposite of him. However, they don't need to make it worse by drafting Spencer-like production at 14. Taking Ingram at 14 is very risky, because he isn't that explosive, dynamic blue-chip pass rusher like Ware or Aldon Smith. (Upshaw isn't that guy, either.) That is too high for Ingram to begin with, and then you have to factor in the position change and risk involved there.

    I'm all for improving the defense, but if David DeCastro is up against Upshaw, Ingram, or even Gilmore, DeCastro should be the decisive pick.
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    the only glaring need on offense is interior oline. Atleast 1 center and 1 guard. On defense Cb is a Must have. Sing the best free agent corner we can get out hands on. Sign Grubbs or Nicks at guard. One option at center is a veteran stop gap center like Birk to a 2-3 year contract to buy us some time at center and or draft Konz or bennette who should go round 3-4. To be honest we have less pieces to get to run a 4-3 than retool the 3-4 again. Were we have questions at nt, oslb islb , not counting our db situation. Prossman
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    I agree that talent is their biggest deficiency, however, I also think that the lack of locker room leadership comes into play, especially in the final quarter of the season. Who on this team would you say has the leadership qualities of a Justin Tuck or Brandon Jacobs? We all hate the way they talk but I wish the Cowboys had guys that were that vocal and passionate.

    A team without leaders appears to coast into the final four games of the season. We all see it with the Cowboys. When it's crunch time and the team needs to elevate their play, they wither away like a pansy in June.

    They do have talent at key positions so they are able to make some plays that can win big games. In the long run, though, they tend to fizzle out more often than not.

    Find more young playmaking leaders and this team can change it's mindset very quickly.
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    Sign the best CB and G possible. That allows a lot more flexibility in the draft and everywhere else.

    If Nicks and Grimes will be too expensive, go after Grubbs and Carr. It just makes too much sense to not fill those two holes with good, proven players.

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