Broaddus FO thinks they are set at safety

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Mar 30, 2014.

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    That's were free agency come into play. It didn't make sense to spend big money on free agents this year when there are so many question marks on the roster; however, if they can put together a decent defense this year, then they could add some significant free agent next year.

    I look at it like this. If they had signed 2 free agents 2014 for average salaries of 8M per year, it would have cost them 32M for those 2 free agents in 2014 and 2015.

    Since they didn't spend the money in 2014, now they could spend the entire 32M in 2015 and it would be equal against the salary cap.

    All of the money that they didn't spend this year gives them more money to spend in future years. They just had too many question marks on the roster this year to make it worth spending the money now.

    If they can just improve the defense from 32nd to somewhere around 16th and keep the 5th ranked scoring offense from 2013, then in 2015/2016 they can go all in before Romo retires.
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    I don't see the point in drafting another Safety in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round. Another year of that player having to get up to speed the same way Wilcox, Heath etc have. If we do not take a safety with our first pick - immediate starter, then it should get top billing in next years draft. Along with maybe QB, depending on how Romo looks this year. But as so many have said, we are not going top fill all our holes this one draft. With Church, Wilcox, Heath, Hamilton and Jonston. We have to fill other needs.
    Yes, to Safety if they think thats best available in 1st. - kinda doubt it, but with this team....
    No. to low round safeties. Play with what we have, I wonder what next years lot are projected to look like ?
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    Agree 100% and really like what the team has done this offseason considering the cap position they put themselves in. Not restructuring Carr was HUGE. Cutting Ware/Austin were the correct moves for the future. Ware's money clears 15 million to spend on FAs in 2015. That alone, was enough to part ways considering the likelihood of contention for 2014. Melton's contract couldn't have been structured better for the team. Gotta give JJ credit for this offseason (even if it came as a result of past hiccups-Ware) If he can use the cap room to land a couple of young premium FAs in 2015, then this team will continue in the right direction.
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    Yes, if they can't get a Safety that's ready immediately, then adding another player similar to Wilcox is not going to help.

    If they resolve most of the others issues on defense this season, then they could always sign a free agent Safety next year if Wilcox or some of the other young guys don't work out.

    I would still be ok adding a late round Safety with upside if there's one they really like, but they just don't need to force a mid round pick at that position.
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    I think that's a realistic way of looking at this.
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    Looking at the last 17 years, I beg to differ.
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    Second best defender...competing against who exactly? Carr/Lee/Carter? Where else has he started for you to be saying nfl coaches and scouts? He had 6 pd last year and 1 pick in his career. How can you be sold with those numbers from your safety position. That is mediocre at best. Wilcox nearly has better numbers and he missed games and was his rookie year. He does have good FFs and tackles but again..thats a nickle linebacker.
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    Could not agree more with your assessment. A rook, or even a young inexperienced player (especially small school guys, guys new to position, or guys who are more mentally suited to SS/LB), is not going to be able read complicated NFL offenses and line up the secondary, let alone respond on the fly and take take the correct angles. Only a vet with experience, especially playing as a single high Safety, will be successful not just running the back half of the D, but mentoring all these young DBs already on the roster. Only a few teams EXCELL playing with a single high safety (cover 3, cover 1, cover 1 robber), teams like the Seahawks, Patriots and now the Saints (with Jarius Byrd).

    Even with a vet safety, the Cowboys need to get bigger and/or more physical at CB, if they want to effectively play press man cover 3 or cover 1 like the Seattle's or New England's of the League.
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