News: Broaddus: Hayden Could Be Valuable Rotational Player

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by speedkilz88, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout


    (I took the meat of the article rather than the first few paragraphs)

    whole article:
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    Nice get. It'd be nice to find a couple of guys to fit into the rotation and give you some penetration and push. I esp like the 2 gap role.
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    The only problem I have with Hayden is that we need to prepare for Rat and Spencer's imminent departure. I think there is a decent chance we can get an extension for Hatcher done but that's all the budget will allow. That means we need to really hold onto young DL who have a chance of being groomed into starters. That means we should expect to keep Lissemore, Crawford, Bass and Wilber on the team. So now you have to make a decision on how many DL you want to keep and who you keep for the rotation versus development.

    I wouldn't mind Hayden making the team as he isn't all that old. I would like him better if we had him signed to a 3-year deal so I knew we could keep him in the fold if he had a good year playing for us. I really dislike one-year deals on guys like him who have no leverage - he was out of the league for one whole year. No one wanted him except Marinelli. Now I trust this coach more than any other about what kind of guys he needs for his DL but we need to get some players who will play with us for a few years in here quick. As we all saw along the OL it was tough to totally rebuild from scratch and I can see that happening to the DL next year.

    I think we hit the draft aggressively next year looking for DL but I think we need to kickstart the program this year by going long and keeping 9 DL with a strong preference for guys who will be here next year instead of just 1-year rentals.
  4. jobberone

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    I think we'll go at least one long on both lines this year maybe two on one or the other; perhaps both. They have to be looking for Rat's and Hatcher's replacements. Crawford may be one of those guys. I'm not convinced about any of the others although one or two may be decent rotational guys. Not even sure Wilbur makes the team. But point well taken. We need linemen.
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    Don't love the idea of going long on the actual roster. Under Garrett, we've been stocking up on the 90 at positions of perceived need (OL, last season, for example), but then talking the best 53 into the season, leaving 2 or so spots at the bottom of the roster for in-season churning as a matter of principle.

    I like that approach. Roster spots are too valuable and coaching resources too limited to waste time bringing along a guy that's a longshot to end up a starter. Instead, go deep at whichever positions players show themselves at. Injuries pile up, or guys can be traded or cut over time. During the season, if you have a 90 man roster, and bring in 10 other guys by churning the bottom, you increase competition overall, and you get to take a look at 100+ guys (injury replacements, too), where other teams might only be bringing in 95. After three seasons, that's 15 extra guys who have a shot at your 53 man roster. Basically another CFA draft class or so.
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    Well, I don't disagree with that approach in general. My thoughts are we are light on the OL for sure and maybe the DL. If you can point to those people by the final cut down then great. That's the best way to go. If you have a couple or three guys who are close on a position of weakness then that may sway you to go long there. And that's the way it looks to me right now on the OL. I have much less feel for the DL beyond the starters and Crawford and Lissemore.

    My guess for the OL is Smith, Free, Parnell, Weems, Leary, Bernie, Costa, Frederick then I get fuzzy. Livings is a player for the 53 unless his knee creates a problem for him. Ski I don't know but I won't be surprised if he makes it. You are going to get 2 Centers, 4 Tackles, and likely 4 interior linemen of which I'd start with Leary and Bernie. That only leaves you with two spots although obviously 4 are open right now. They could go short at tackle with just three and keep Cook as a 3 position backup. Or they could just go short there. They could just go with 3 guards using Costa and Frederick as GCs. There won't be less than 8 nor likely more than 11. I'm betting 10 or 11.
  7. Zimmy Lives

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    If the Cowboys go long anywhere I do hope it's the d-line.

    I'm not convinced that there are developmental players on the o-line that are deserving of a roster spot. I do believe, however, that there are plenty of young guys on the d-line that will develop into starters. Combine that with the thought that the success of the 2013 Cowboys depends on the impact of the defense, it would make sense to stockpile the d-linemen.
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  8. jobberone

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    I wouldn't argue with that.
  9. LatinMind

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    i disagree with not knowing about the DL. Ratliff, Hatcher, Crawford, lissemore all are proven. Lissemore is actually really good in the 4 man line. He's shown that every yr. Especially last yr twards the end of the yr. He got alot ofpressure on QBs late in the yr. Rememer the Pittsburgh game? he was really good. Dont know much about hayden. Really nothning. Realistically how much are we going to see players behind these 4 and possibly Hayden? Really nothing. Ratliff Hatcher and Lissemore will receive most of the snaps if you ask me. Everybody talks about this big body Dallas supposedly needs. When Kiffin has already come out and said we want our guys to get up the field and attack. But fans have this perception that Dallas needs a big body. My guess is Kiffin isnt sporting that idea because they have 2 tackling machines playing LBer.
  10. Iago33

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    Crawford's proven? How many snaps did he get? All I remember is some decent strength against the run but he didn't show much else.
  11. Deep_Freeze

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    I guess I just don't have the concern of others when it comes to the DL. Sure, we do need some youth there, but we have shown the past with guys like Bowen, Canty, Hatch, TRat, and such that we can find adequate guys to fill in at the position, most of the time later in the draft. Heck, when we took one early, it was Spears and we all know how that turned out.

    Yes we need to build the DL, but I would rather the team leverage the one ability its shown that it can actually accomplish, and thats find DL later in the draft. I like the young guys we have there right now, and if we have to replace Spencer, Crawford is that guy in this scheme.
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    I think they should try to get as close to a blue chipper as possible next year depending on Rat and performance this year. I have faith in Rat just not his health. We'll see about that. And I agree they should continue to develop those later picks as well. You need a dynamic 3 and 2 good 5s with depth for rotation. I'd like a true 1. Will be interesting to see what we run this year.
  13. Zimmy Lives

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    I agree. This team still needs a stud blue-chip d-lineman under the age of 24. Crawford may be a player but the Cowboys should not automatically count on him, nor the other young guys, to be the quality players Spencer, Rat or Ware are at their respective positions.
  14. Fletch

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    How many games that Crawford played in did you actually watch? And did you pay attention to Crawford's effort? He proved a lot for a rook.
  15. Iago33

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    I watched all the games, but I didn't focus on him to many times. My question was legitimately a question. I didn't notice much from him, but I may not have seen what others did and would be happy to hear what they saw that I didn't. I will admit that I'm not too impressed with "effort." Trying hard isn't enough if you don't have the skill base.

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