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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Maybe, but Mosley, Archer, and now Broaddus have all said this now, and they aren't going off PC comments but inside info from scouts or other personnel on the team. Mosley for one has been pretty right about our drafts for the last few years.

    And we were talking about this yesterday, but they had Okung as the #4 overall player last year in what most consider a better draft. If we have Smith above him, why aren't we having to trade up for him? It doesn't really make sense if you ask me.
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    Jerruh and Red Ball are the ones that will make the call. I would not put Jerruh above sending smoke to the staff about what he thinks knowing they will leak it to mosely and company.

    I really doubt that they will take Costanzo at 9. Jerruh will trade down.
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    Gosselin has Smith as his 7th rated player. I think Dallas has him rated higher on their board if they have him rated higher than Okung (#4 on their board last year). Also, some teams would rate Smith lower due to his inexperience at LT which shouldn't be an issue with Dallas. IMO, the Cowboys have him at around #5 on their board.

    Costanzo is rated #16 on the Gosselein board and I think there will be some correlation with the Cowboys rating of him. Another frame of reference is Brian Bulaga, who I think is a comparable player to Costanzo. The Cowboys rated Bulaga #13 on their board last year. Dallas may like Costanzo a little better than Bulaga (as he might have better LT potential), so I think Dallas has him rated around 11 on their board.

    So if the choice is between Smith and Castanzo at 9, they should take Smith. And Dallas shouldn't even entertain any trade down where they could lose Smith and pickup Costanzo unless they can get at least a mid-2nd rounder in return.
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    Reality is, you can't trust any "inside" information. Teams lie. And things change that cause teams to totally alter their plan. Mike Lombardi on ESPN just said that Arizona wants to trade but that no one is interested in trading up, even though their asking price is modest.

    They're also saying that teams all over the league are abuzz about Andy Dalton. TN is drafting Dalton at #8? You just can't believe much of what you hear, especially today.

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