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News: Broaddus: No Reason Why Rookie Safety Can’t Start In 2013

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CowboysYanksLakers, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

    5,292 Messages
    1,061 Likes Received
    On Monday, DallasCowboys.com staff writer David Helman wrote about the number 27 in our Countdown to Camp series and he posed the question if rookie safety
    J.J. Wilcox could in fact buck the trend and become the starter at safety opposite Barry Church? Of the first year players that are battling for a starting spot in this lineup, I do not see any reason why you might bet against him and here is why....

    Read more here: http://www.dallascowboys.com/news/a...-In-2013/6f56ee94-3426-44fe-87d1-ca46e936971f
  2. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    64,670 Messages
    18,008 Likes Received
    I agree no reason at all.
  3. CowboyStar88

    CowboyStar88 Well-Known Member

    8,432 Messages
    4,327 Likes Received
    Because Jerome Henderson says he is years away. Lol why make a claim like that doesn't that just make you sound dumb? If this kid is a natural and catches on why wouldn't he start? Makes no sense why he shouldn't. Also if he and Church have good chemistry wouldn't that make it even better?
  4. RastaRocket

    RastaRocket Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? Ya Mon.

    6,294 Messages
    638 Likes Received
    Meh, that is just coach talk. I wouldn't put that much weight on what Jerome Henderson said at rookie minicamp or whatever it was.
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  5. CowboysPhan

    CowboysPhan Obsequious Cowboys Toadie

    449 Messages
    36 Likes Received
    I agree. Besides, I believe what he said was that he was "light-years" from starting, not years. If he'd said years from starting, it would imply that he couldn't start for a few years. Saying "light-years" just means he was a long way from being ready at rookie camp, but it doesn't preclude him doing what it took to get himself ready. I think he was just trying to get everyone to rein in their expectations of the rookie, and maybe light a little fire under him at the same time.
    Lifetimeboyzfan likes this.
  6. Cumart21

    Cumart21 Well-Known Member

    391 Messages
    304 Likes Received
    Nothing worse than over analyzing something a coach says off the cuff. We need to put that "light years" comment to bed. I'm pulling for Wilcox to start. Encouraging words by Mr. Broaddus.
    Outlaw Heroes likes this.
  7. NinePointOh

    NinePointOh Well-Known Member

    1,583 Messages
    78 Likes Received
    For the ten millionth time, that's not what Jerome Henderson said.
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  8. DCBoysfan

    DCBoysfan Hardwork and Dedication Zone Supporter

    5,315 Messages
    820 Likes Received
    I can't wait to see him and all the rookie class play this summer, I can't wait for preseason.
  9. Go4Two

    Go4Two New Member

    25 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    I like the fact that Jerome Henderson is down playing his performance in OTA's despite the other positive reports from other sources. I think it is his way of keeping the rookie grounded and working hard to learn his reads/keys to progress in the defense. It is especially important for a player that only has 1 year of experience at the position. I sincerely hope that either Wilcox or Johnson can beat out Allen to start.
  10. JakeCamp12

    JakeCamp12 Well-Known Member

    2,254 Messages
    205 Likes Received
    Maybe he said it just to make sure expectations were not too high for him at a minicamp? Who cares, let the guys compete and see who the best man is.
  11. Erik_H

    Erik_H Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.

    2,988 Messages
    524 Likes Received
    Because Henderson said "light years" away, which is a figurative term that was said so fans would tap the brakes a bit in OTAs.

    He never said years away.
    Lifetimeboyzfan likes this.
  12. CowboyStar88

    CowboyStar88 Well-Known Member

    8,432 Messages
    4,327 Likes Received
    Light years or years who cares really doesn't matter. Everyone is always so quick to tap the brakes instead of just saying we like what the kids are doing. You don't have to go into "light years" away from starting mantra. My point is if Jermone Henderson doesn't think he is ready to start he won't period that would be the reason why the "rookie won't start". If Jerome Henderson thought he was "light years away" what makes anyone think he is going to change his stance in just a few weeks? Personally the more we read on the kid the more it sounds like he can make the jump in his first year, but what do we know?
  13. ScipioCowboy

    ScipioCowboy More than meets the eye.

    17,480 Messages
    5,564 Likes Received
    Under the vast majority of circumstances, I take anything a coach says with a grain of salt. Their primary motive isn't to inform fans and the media. It's to motivate their players. I only trust coach appraisals years later...after they're no longer working for the organization.
  14. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

    5,292 Messages
    1,061 Likes Received
    Henderson is just being cautious I think they know they have something pretty good with Wilcox... Coaches know the real deal when they see it. Training camp and preseason will tell the true story though.
    Ultimategamer5567 likes this.
  15. SilverStarCowboy

    SilverStarCowboy The Actualist

    9,857 Messages
    1,465 Likes Received
    If he is light years away apparently a player can travel light years very quickly sometimes .....just one minor injury away from seeing the field on game day.
  16. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    14,239 Messages
    14,276 Likes Received
    Apparently, the mental side of playing safety in this style of defense is pretty simple, so a small-college guy with only one year of experience at safety has a chance if he has good instincts.

    Hope they hit on a gem with with Wilcox, now or later.
  17. Nirvana

    Nirvana Well-Known Member

    5,483 Messages
    2,404 Likes Received
    I'm nervous about the idea of a rookie being our center fielder back there. A vet QB will give him fits with head fakes and pump throws, etc. mistakes any rookie is going to make. The problem is that the mistakes at that position usually result in home runs and big gains for the opposing team.

    On another note, his Ronnie Lott approach to tackling is appealing, very much so, but it also makes me think he could be a guy that gets injured sooner or later.

    All that said, if he plays the position better than Allen or Johnson, hell yes start him and lets pray the mistakes do not cost us games and that he does not get injured.
  18. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    87,365 Messages
    10,149 Likes Received
    To push a player is why a coach may say something like that. I certainly do not think he will reach his full potential but if he can go out in training camp and pre season and show he can do the job then I see no reason he could not start.
  19. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

    48,406 Messages
    10,715 Likes Received
    We've had rookie safeties do well before.
  20. JerryFan

    JerryFan Active Member

    1,243 Messages
    7 Likes Received
    One thing people need to remember is that Monte has been on record saying he prefers young safties.
    CowboysYanksLakers likes this.

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