News: Broaddus Notebook: RBs Show Versatility; 3 Rookies To Watch

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    Bryan Broaddus
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    Here are some of the things from my notebook here Tuesday in Oxnard.

    • It’s the first day of pads for the squad, the day that the players dread, coaches love, and scouts hold their breath. Things to look for today, more one-on-one types of drills. Receivers will be working against the corners, tight ends against the linebackers and offensive and defensive line in the pass rush drills. The lines along with the backs and linebackers will be involved in a 9-on-7 drill that will focuses on nothing but running the ball.

    The last two practices, we have seen the squad work on blitz and blitz pickup but it will have much more of a physical tone to it since the pads have been put on. The key to the practice today and throughout camp when they are in full pads, will be how these players take care of each other while they work. No unnecessary cheap shots on the receivers or backs and the offensive linemen staying off the ground or off the legs of the defensive line.

    • If you have followed my work closely, you have grown accustom to me talking about these rookie players on defense like
    J.J. Wilcox, Brandon Magee and Taylor Reed. The reason I bring these names up once again is that I have waited for this day when the squad went to full pads because I believe this is where you will see these guys shine.

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