News: Broaddus: On Film, Hargrove Could Help Most Off The Edge

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    The Cowboys made a roster move on Thursday adding defensive linemen Anthony Hargrove to the mix on a one year deal. Hargrove has played both defensive end and tackle.

    The games I was able to study were against the Chargers and Browns before he was released. In those games, in lined up mainly as an end in a 3-4 but he also played some nose in a special package where they just rushed three down linemen. I didn’t see the most powerful player when it came to taking on a blocker one-on-one but was much better when he was able to attack the edge or the shoulder.

    Will try and use pass rush moves as he gets up the field. Likes to slap hands to break down the blocker. Will spin inside and out when he feels the pressure of the blocker on him. Don’t believe he is strong enough to handle blockers when he gets high out of his stance. When he gets tall, he can get bounced badly. There were some plays where he didn’t handle the down blocks well. Much better when he can stay down and play on the move. Best when he can do this and fight blocks that way instead of going toe to toe.

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