News: Broaddus: Ravens Still Effective But Have Different Look

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    Bryan Broaddus
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    It was very clear to me early in my film study of the Ravens that this wasn’t the offense or defense that captured a Super Bowl victory in 2000. This is a much different team from what we generally think of when we talk about the Baltimore Ravens. There still is that hardnosed, tough style of play, but what is clearly different is that the defense isn’t carrying this team.

    Early in Joe Flacco’s career, there were times where offensive coordinator Cam Cameron did everything in his power to make sure his quarterback didn’t lose football games, and so he didn’t ask him to do too much. That has changed. You now see Flacco taking chances down the field with the ball, although there is a reason for that.

    Flacco has more experience, but he also has better weapons. To me, Baltimore’s offense really starts with running back Ray Rice and his ability to hurt defenses by not only rushing the ball, but also by catching passes out of the backfield. The Ravens are a big play-action team and the reason they have so much success with it is because of Rice. When you have a back with his talent, pressure is taken off the quarterback to make plays down after down.

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