Broaddus: Scout’s Eye: Free Winning The Battles; Hall Gave Dez Fits

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    Bryan Broaddus Football Analyst/Scout

    IRVING, Texas - Here are some observations of the Cowboys’ offense from the film room at Valley Ranch following Dallas’ 31-16 win over Washington.
    No Free Pass
    In my pre game work of the Washington Redskins on defense, I thought that Ryan Kerrigan was their biggest threat in the front seven to cause problems for this Cowboys offense. Kerrigan has always been a relentless in the way he plays the game down-after-down, run or pass and his ability to break down an offensive tackle is evident when you watch him on tape. As much as Doug Free has improved over the last several months, it still was going to be a match up that was going to test Free for 60 minutes.
    From the opening drive, Kerrigan tried to put pressure on Free in every way possible. Free dealt with a quick inside rush, then hard to the outside. He dealt with the speed rush to his outside shoulder. He dealt with Kerrigan swatting at his hands away trying to work the edge, but Free was able to maintain his position and not be thrown off balance by him.

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    Free is playing at a probowl level right now and it's great to see. I felt Smith struggled last night just by the eye test. However I could be wrong
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    Somebody needs a comma lesson.
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    The grammar police should be along soon to issue a citation for comma overuse.
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    Great article!
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    Nope, the cameral isolated Smith a couple of times and he completely dominated his man.... all by himself.
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    Very proud of Free. Maybe we should ask a few others around here to take a paycut! :)
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    Hall is a guy who can rise to the occasion. Give him credit. But you have to force him to defend the entire field if he's singled up on Dez. The Boys made it easy on Hall by only using 10 yds and in.

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