Broaddus: Scout’s Eye: Game Film Shows Rivers Taking What Was There

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout

    IRVING, Texas - After a closer look at Sunday’s loss, here are some thoughts from the film room at Valley Ranch:

    Take What They Give You

    The execution of the offensive game plan by the San Diego Chargers was outstanding. From my seat in the press box, it appeared very simple and when I had a chance to study the game, it was. It was tailored to not put Philip Rivers in any poor situations because of the condition of his offensive line. Going into this game, it was clear that if Monte Kiffin did not put pressure on Rivers, his defense could struggle no matter who was blocking for him or catching the ball.

    Given the time that Rivers had to work with, he made this Cowboys defense pay. When Kiffin played his normal zone coverage, Rivers found answers underneath with quick, simple throws to Antonio Gates, who was 10-for-10 on targets and receptions. When Kiffin tried to adjust to handle plays underneath and in the middle of the field, Rivers worked the ball in the flat to Ryan Mathews or Danny Woodhead, who found themselves in space with no defender to contest the play. For every adjustment that Kiffin tried to make Mike McCoy and Philip Rivers were just better.

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    I noticed this all during the game. It took them a while to figure it out, but once they went to the no huddle, they never came out of it. I see high schools do this all the time. Most high schools here in Texas do not go in to a huddle. If you just line up, you have plenty of time to figure out what the defense wants to do, not to mention, they can't sub guys in or get any rest. If you line up in set position, they have to show their hand. From there, you counter it. I see high schools every Friday do this. And now the NFL is doing it, Denver comes to mind and now San Diego and others are following.

    I say, sell out to kill the QB if he does this. You need to put these guys on their butts and not show your hand on defense until after the ball is snapped. Anyways, we were out smarted. Their brain trust against ours. Of course theirs won.
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    It looked like the Cowboys left their brain in the locker room at half time.
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    In a no huddle offense the offense is always going to win that battle. No time for the defense to get its calls in order and rules that favor a first down pass at will. This is what the nfl wants. Theres a reason why these gimmick offenses work now when in the past when teams were allowed to play defense they failed. Because not only are you rushing the def call youre not allowed to hit anybody until they make a offensive move with the ball or u risk a 15 yr penalty, or you get called for ticky tack pass int.

    Now if Dallas couldve just done anything on offense this game wouldve been in the bag in the 3rd quarter. Another bad coaching call by Garrett before the half gave the chargers the ball at midfield and they went no huddle and got a field goal. Kept with the huddle and bad offense series turned the tide. Dallas still had a chance to win but SD got a few good plays specifically weddle handling Witten and Romo for some odd reason not throwing to Dez. The OL is not the problem this yr. IMO its the coaching. Its the system Garrett wants to run. 2014 new HC will be Rod Marinelli

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