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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 21, 2013.

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    TJ is interesting. Coming out of high school he was ranked second at safety in the country.

    When he got USC he played well and seemed to regress a little this year. Now, I may be wrong, but I think a lot of this has to do with his father Tim. Tim McDonald was the head coach at Edison High School and was great at coaching up the secondary, hence McDonald's rise as a prospect coming out of high school.

    Fast forward to now, Tim is the secondary coach at Fresno State where they produced 22 interceptions this season, which I believe was second in the nation.
    Also, he is responsible for helping Phillip Thomas (S) become leader in picks in the country with 8.

    I guess what I am saying is, in the off season TJ may have been and is probably still training with his father at the safety position, so it is likely TJ has shown a whole lot more improvement coming up to the game, with just a little coaching from pops. I think this is not only a testament to how coachable TJ may be, but also how good of a coach Tim is for the secondary.

    Dallas should def look at TJ as he may drop, but also keep an eye out for Phillip Thomas(BALLHAWK).

    Tim McDonald, safety, was voted to the pro-bowl 6-times, for two different teams.
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    I'd be all for Dallas drafting him in round 2

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    That is some great info right there! Thank you for that little bit! Good stuff. Makes me really want to know more about TJ
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    I'm having a really hard time seeing us taking another safety in this draft. We've got too many resources tied up there already so go and spend a high pick on one.

    Of course, we've had PLENTY of chances actually DRAFT a decent safety but we've passed so many times that being in this situation was inevitable.
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    Wouldn't mind Mcdonald at all. He's not my first choice, but hey. At least he knows the scheme among other things.
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    He's a good SS prospect. Hard hitter w/ good size at 6'2 1/2 and 205 lbs. and is really good against the run. Strong kid that can shed blocks and make plays. His strength is playing in the box and blitzing. But he's not great in coverage, and that's where you need to be solid in the NFL. Not saying he can't be, but he wasn't this past year in college.

    He also struggles a bit with play recognition. He seemed to regress a little this year from his junior year. I like other Safeties better, especially in coverage, but he's a solid SS prospect. No higher than the 3rd round though imo.

    In the Tampa 2 we need a Safety who can really cover the field and be a ball hawk. This is not McDonald's strength. He reminds me of Roy Williams a little bit in his playing style so that might be why I'm a bit hesitant. Here's a few of his highlights.

  8. jjktkk

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    With Kiffin on staff, there is a connection.
  9. RS12

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    Pass. I saw him and Monte together for three years not impressed. Dont want any safety that isnt better in coverage than anything else, meaning TJ.
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  11. LatinMind

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    unproven resources. Dallas needs this.

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  12. robert70x7

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    As of right now, I've seen him with 3rd-4th round grades. Lots of better options to be had in round 2.
  13. Rack Bauer

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    We could likely get him in round 4.q
  14. LatinMind

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    maybe round 3. but I think hell rise with his workouts

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  15. Future

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    I'm going to get another grey hair for every day that passes without mention of Rambo.
  16. cowboys1981

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    I'd rather have Phillip Thomas in rd 3-4. He would suit our defense a whole lot better.
  17. TheFinisher

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    He's got a lot of talent, the problem I've always had with him was he's one of those guys who's satisfied with his teammates making the tackle. He has a lot of film out there that makes you question his effort and passion for the game.

    But like I said, he's got legit talent... nothing like the stiff Taylor Mays who he gets compared to, this kid is extremely fluid for his size. Just wish he stepped up a little more and played to his ability on a consistent basis at SC. Hard to overlook a lack of effort.

    Then again, Kiffin would know him better than anyone and if he wants him I'm not gonna question it.
  18. Muhast

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    Bacarri Rambo in the 2nd. Please and thank you. Perfect safety for the new defense we will run.
  19. tm1119

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    I think the reason why it looked like McDonald regressed this year is because of the other guys USC was throwing out there in the secondary around him. Their coners were pretty awful.

    And who exactly are these "resources" that we have at the safety position? Matt Johnson????? Please don't say Matt Johnson, or Gerald Sensabaugh, or Barry Church for that matter. None of those guys are even close to the type of guys that would prevent you from drafting a young talented player if the value is right.
  20. InmanRoshi

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    I really liked his tape from the Stanford game. Amazing versatility. He played in the box, single high,nickel linebacker. They even played hin a lot as a standup 9 tech in dime packages rushing the passer, which you hardly ever see out of a safety. Those that think that Kiffin is just going to sit his safeties back in Cover 2 the entire game really need to get past elementary school definitions of what the scheme does.

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