Twitter: Broaddus Twitter Q&A - 06/04/14

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    Anyone who follows him knows that he'll answer questions from his followers for long periods throughout the day.

    @REDNAROM: Is Mike Woicik's job on the line? His reputation is good, but the results have been very poor.”
    No it is not

    @eecGray: @BryanBroaddus what's the latest on Orton please?

    Bryan Broaddus @BryanBroaddus
    Not here. Not much else to say.

    @BoonsBlog:if Weeden is playing well, why are they so worried about Orton coming back?”
    Don't believe they are.

    @qmcsusn:Ryan Williams, if healthy and plays to draft status, chances he jumps Dunbar for 2RB?"
    They have plans for 25.

    @robsportsguy: @qmcsusn I think Randle is the one that might be out. What do you think Bryan?”
    Might carry four.

    @Di3ell: @robsportsguy @qmcsusn Ben Malena possible fourth?”
    Sure but most likely practice squad.

    @LucaBrasi1: how has John Wetzel looked? Is he playing guard or tackle?”
    ROT and been okay most of time.

    @Chaulyd: do you see the cowboys signing urlacher?”
    As a total last option.

    @CliffTebow: best fit to replace Lee in your opinion?”

    @andyruiz21: is Wilcox pulling away already in the safety battle ?”
    Not really.

    @AdamKrupaMusic: which of these rooks has done a good job of knowing their assignments? And who looks lost?”
    Hitchens Martin. None on lost

    @jbeansy217: Carter seem to struggle or any improvement at all?”
    Been good.
  2. visionary

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    Good to hear Hitchens is doing well with assignments

    Regarding the question on woicick, when will fans learn that results are immaterial under the watch of Jerry and Jason ?
  3. burmafrd

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    When I remember all the slobbering some did over his hiring a few years ago.......
  4. gimmesix

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    Weren't we having some of the same problems with the previous strength and conditioning coach, which is one of the reasons why Woicik was brought in?

    Since Woicik also was doing such a good job with the Patriots, who wanted to bring him back but lost him to Dallas, maybe the real issue isn't with the conditioning staff.
  5. Future

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    In a perfect world, you'd probably never even know the strength and conditioning guy's name.
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  6. Alexander

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    Actually we were very healthy under Jurasek's watch, he also became highly decorated by his peers as a result.

    Woicik had a great run with Dallas previously and with New England. He was also blessed in both stops with strong leadership both from a coach and player ranks. He was frustrated with how Switzer was running things and what he tolerated. He had good player leaders like Irvin, Bruschi and Vrabel that he could ride and they in essence bled the mentality of work downward on the roster. He clearly does not have that same kind of leadership now from what I see.

    I have a feeling the reason the Patriots did not have him return was they saw the writing on the wall. Not that he became stupid overnight, but that conditions simply have changed. Said it over and over, people really do not understand how the new CBA has affected things. Kraft was very involved during the CBA negotiations and maybe a little foresight was involved where they saw changes coming and since Woicik is one of the old school S&C coaches, there you go. They replaced him with his younger (and probably cheaper assistant).

    NFL teams effectively have to run their coaching and conditioning programs like college teams now, the access to the players is so limited. I think the game is so different now that his methodology is a little outdated. If you look across the league, the healthiest teams (Eagles, Jets) have younger strength coaches who have come recently from the college ranks. That is a route that Dallas should seriously look at after this season, whether the injuries pop up again or not. It is time to catch up to the changes.
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    It is one of the strengths that Broaddus mentioned about Hitchens...that on tape it is obvious he knew everyone's assignment and roles and would get them where they needed to be. That bodes well for him.
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    If there were a "hole" that the Kipers, Ourlads and couch draft guru's of the world have it's in the evaluation of the what's between the prospect's ears... and that could very well account for why a "guru" would have Hitchens as a 7th rounder and a team or teams has him rated higher.
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  9. gimmesix

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    People here were complaining about the team wearing down at the end of the season when Juraszek was S&C coach and players like Felix Jones, Terence Newman, etc., having ongoing injury concerns (just like Austin).

    I have nothing against Juraszek because I thought he was a fine S&C coach who also got an inordinate amount of the blame, but people are quick to blame them when there are a lot of reasons for injury problems, particularly if you have a bunch of players who have been in the league for several years.

    Aside from Lee and probably Matt Johnson, let's see how Woicik does with a younger group of players overall to work with.
  10. Carolina Cowboy

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    The Hitchens comment and subsequent expansion is intriguing. As always, thanks for the work WG.
  11. Idgit

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    It was. Though this is the type of thing from Broaddus that I'm most likely to take with a grain of salt. Hopefully, he's heard something to that effect. I suspect Broaddus isn't exactly a film-room type of guy himself, though, and I'm not sure what basis he'd use for judging how much a guy is picking up his assignments in the second week of OTAs.
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    Yep. Parcells was a weight program freak and he said Joe was maybe the best S&C coach he'd ever had... High praise considering his love for Johnny Parker in New York.

    The Woicik hire really had nothing to do with Jurasek. It was about getting Jason a friend in place, much like when Ray Sherman was let go and Robinson was brought in. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't mean there was anything wrong with the previous guy.

    I think Jerry offered Woicik a big raise and Belichcik let Woick for what you said later -- that Woicik was good, but not significantly better than a younger and cheaper alternative. It's no different from what Belichick has done 100 times with players. There's really nothing new or revolutionary under the sun when it comes to S&C anyway, so if the younger guy has the personality to motivate the players, why not save some money and let a fresh voice take over.
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    Yeah, have to agree. With the new CBA and other things going on, the old ways will no longer either work or be allowed. And that is my problem with Woicik- I do not think he has twigged that things have changed.
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    Joe Juraszek had some type of medical issue and was on a leave of absence. I wonder if he ever returned to working somewhere.
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    Like Broaddus said Woiicick has a good rep has 6 trophy's but yea JJ is pulling the hamstrings cause his the antichrist
  16. WoodysGirl

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    Joe Juraszek was sick, which is why Mike Woicik was brought in. I haven't seen anything about him resuming work since the Cowboys. I hope he has recovered from the illness and has returned to good health.
  17. dmq

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    Not sure why Dunbar is already an after thought to many.
  18. big dog cowboy

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    I found this very interesting. I do wonder how much tread he has left.
  19. DFWJC

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    Sounds like they may have some Reggie Bush type packages for him...."in the plans"
  20. DFWJC

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    Both Dunbar and Williams are very young.

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