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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Jan 6, 2005.


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    I don't know everything about the guy.. and I'm sure he will be a decent pro but did anybody see him get absolutely torched Tuesday? I KNOW .. I KNOW ... it was one game.. but awareness and ball skills didn't seem to be there on a couple of huge plays that looked like his direct responsibility?? I made this post because several fans and mocks have us tacking him as maybe a second rounder... any thoughts on Brodney? :confused:
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    IMO he is over-rated.
    I have seen many Oklahoma games, and he has never stood out to me, especially this year.
    I think he is a case of being a good college player on a very good team. I could be wrong, but I just do not think he is deserving of the 2nd round grade he has. I put him more in the 4th.
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    I was also kinda high on him as well. It looked like in the Orange Bowl, when the corner turned his guy over to him, or when the corner got beat, he was mucho late in getting over. This is something I think we ALL saw this year with the Cowboys. I dont think anyone wants to see games like that again this next year.

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