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Broncos fear end of Clady's season

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RS12, Sep 17, 2013.

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    07:17 AM ET 09.17 | Von Miller has become old news in a hurry. Playing six games without their star pass rusher was yesterday's primary Broncos concern. Protecting Peyton Manning is now issue No. 1 after preliminary tests on Ryan Clady's left foot created fear of a serious injury, according to two NFL sources. The Broncos were discussing options Monday on how best to proceed with their all-pro left tackle. The worst-case scenario of season-ending injured reserve is possible. Placing Clady on IR with the designation to return is another option. Designated IR would sideline Clady for a minimum of eight weeks. Either way, Clady will miss significant time because of a Lisfranc injury in the arch of his left foot. ... The more severe Lisfrancs can have a three- to four-month recovery period.

    The Denver Post
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    That's gonna leave a mark.

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