News: Brooking: Defensive players looking for 2 or 3 plays back

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Keith Brooking was on Off With The Helmets tonight with Brady Tinker and he spoke about the Cowboys defenders all wanting to have two or three plays back as they watched film recently...

    Brooking on Off With The Helmets - Nov 2nd

    One word - Undisciplined. They want those plays back because they are making mistakes and in some cases they are trying to do too much. Now there are just some plays where the defensive play call is so stupid that the Jags offense just easily exploited it.

    The one play in particular that comes to mind is below...


    Why blitz and not just force them into a FG? Simms makes the point that even if you sack Garrard they are still in FG range. But instead that Wade calls a blitz and then three DB's are all blocked and the Jags add another seven points. This defense is full of players who never step up in times like this and make a play.
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    None of our blitzes have worked all year and they send one when it's not even needed....*shakes head*

    Every LBer blitz we send is always up the middle where they get stonewalled.

    How come we never see a CB blitz? I dont think I've seen one alllll year. I watch the Jets and other top defenses send them all the time..
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    Actually I saw Scandrick go on a blitz vs the ?Vikings? that nearly got there. I've seen him come on a blitz a few times in the past couple of years. He's got as many career sacks as Newman. Doesn't always get there but has put pressure on a QB.

    The one I really recall is the hit on Jason Campbell last year.


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