Brown says job isn't on the line

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    Brown says job isn't on the line

    Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

    Texas coach Mack Brown, whose team has lost four straight games to Oklahoma, said the first thing he did in preparing his team mentally for Saturday's matchup with the Sooners is tell the players his job security is not at stake.

    "The No. 1 thing they need to know is it's not about my job," Brown said. "I've been assured that I'm going to keep my job regardless of the outcome of this game. So I can get that out of the way, which takes some pressure off of them.

    "Secondly, this team has never played OU. When you've beaten a team five times, you don't talk about it. And when you've struggled against them for four times, you don't talk about it. You just go play."

    Brown said this year's squad doesn't face a mental obstacle despite the four-year losing streak to its biggest rival.

    "I have to carry the burden of losing the four games, the kids don't," Brown said. "It's not about them. And three of our coaches have never even coached against OU.

    "I think this team has a different attitude about the whole thing. Likewise, in games that we've won four straight years, there are no guarantees. You have to go out and prove it every week. That's the challenge that we have this week."
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    The Dreaded "Vote of Confidence" :eek:
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    Well, its official now, the Longhorns have given Brown the vote of confidence and now have no chance at OU. Theres always next year.

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