Browns release quarterback Vince Young

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by big dog cowboy, May 12, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    That didn't take long.........

    Browns release quarterback Vince Young

    AP - Sports

    CANTON, Ohio (AP) -- The Browns have released veteran quarterback Vince Young a few days after drafting Johnny Manziel.

    Browns owner Jimmy Haslam announced the move with Young on Monday during a speech at a Pro Football Hall of Fame luncheon. Young's release follows the club's selection of Manziel, Texas A&M's dynamic and polarizing quarterback in the first round of the NFL draft.

    The team signed Young and quarterback Tyler Thigpen on May 1. Young was thrilled to be getting a chance to revive his career, but will now have to try to do it elsewhere.
  2. BoysFan4ever

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    He needs to take the UT job & call it a day.
  3. DFWJC

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    Actually feel bad for the guy.

    I remember the uproar in Houston when the then Texans' the GM Casserly passed on him at the top of the draft. I think he even got fired over it. Yet the guy they took, Mario Williams, turned out to easily be the right choice.

    Except for the rare players like Andrew Luck, QBs taken in the first round are really only a 50/50 proposition. But it goes downhill from there, so that's why they still go that early.
  4. Doomsday101

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    Vince was Johnny football before Manziel was Johnny football. Except VY has a national championship under his belt. lol
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  5. TheCowboy

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    When he said the Eagles were the "dream team" his career was quickly over. I loved VY in college but he was an idiot for saying that.
  6. jimmy40

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    When you take the Wonderlic twice and your scores add up to 22, you're probably not long for QBing in the NFL.
  7. Hardline

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    Broke my heart when he forgone his senior season to declare for the draft. The Horns would have gotten another National Championship out of him.
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  8. WPBCowboysFan

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    VY released? Shocking, just shocking!
  9. DWhite Fan

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    Damn, that was quick! Think the VY shows has come to a close...
  10. OhSnap

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    I thought Manziel had won 5.
  11. joseephuss

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    Manziel never even won his conference. Heck, he never even won his own division within his conference. That is why I don't understand why they say he is a winner.
  12. Cowboy Brian

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    Perception is reality. Hanging out with Drake helped him become ace at marketing an aura.
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  13. RastaRocket

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    But he played in the SEC! Sheesh, you should know that if you play in the SEC you are a winner.
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  14. Sarge

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    That was a good waste of ink and paper.
  15. Roadtrip635

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    There was a short time during VY's NFL career it looked like he was starting to put it all together, but it fell apart pretty quick.
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  16. jimmy40

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    the only time he looked like a decent passer was 2010 when Fisher only let him throw the ball 16 times a game.
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  17. CashMan

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    I think that was Mario Williams/Reggie Bush thing.

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