Bruce Arians should be coach of the year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NJ22, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. NJ22

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    I really feel like this guy is the steal/deal of the offseason. He should be coach of the year and just by a fluke he was not the head coach and is available to be one. Jerry needs to take advantage of the first and only time a coach of the year is available as a free agent.
  2. CATCH17

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    If Garrett wasn't under contract I'm sure this is a direction we'd look at.

    Honestly though.. Everyone talks about Gruden but I'd put my money on Mike Zimmer being the Cowboys next coach.

    Especially after listening to Lacewell.
  3. NJ22

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    I could see that. Wouldn't be mad.
  4. jblaze2004

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    Who or what did he coach?
  5. Luckenbach

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    Lol oldest coaches ever award!!
  6. NJ22

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    Well why red turned an 8-8 team into another 8-8 team He took a 2-14 team to the playoffs with a rookie QB. But he is older than Red so good call that's important.

  7. LatinMind

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    Pete Carroll
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Yep. Been saying that for a while. Jerry loves him and has that comfortability factor with him. And Mike badly wants a HC job.

    Thing is, I actually think he'd be really good at it. He doesn't put up with any BS. And he'll stand up to Jerry when he needs to.

    I've even wondered if that could happen next year. We're already transitioning to his 4-3...
  9. Hostile

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    I wouldn't balk if he got that award, but Pete Carroll is probably going to if not Mike Smith.

    I would love it because after all, Bruce Arians "retired" according to the Steelers.

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