News: Bruce Carter, Ernie Sims fined by NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. JPostSam

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    i would like to see the punishments for bad calls/non calls by the refs publicized, also. those guys are professionals. they should be held accountable in public, too.
  2. Fredd

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    how else were they going to stop them? you either dance with them as they run while trying the strip the ball or you pull an illegal tackle as they move past you?
  3. Hoofbite

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    You could call it on almost any play if you scrutinized it enough in slow motion.

    Just wait until a big passing play for a TD occurs.
  4. Sarge

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    Fines for penalties like these are pathetic anyways. The league has turned soft and all that seems to matter to them nowadays is how much more $ they can generate. Phooooey.
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  5. Venger

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    Observation/expectation bias. I bet the fans of every team in the league think the refs are out to get them. Even Steelers fans...
  6. Carharris2

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    Nope. You're wrong. My wife's family are season ticket holding Colts fans. They don't feel that way at all. Most fans I know don't feel that way about their team.
    Cowboys fans do. Maybe there's something to it other than we are crybabies. Could be the constant terrible calls that are well documented and blatantly obvious. The Carter non horse collar being the latest.
  7. Venger

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    Who could argue with that comprehensive sample size?

    Interesting bit of Freudian projection. I didn't imply anything about being a crybaby. But you felt compelled to refute it.

    Nonsense. Not only was that play properly flagged, and properly fined, there is no "well documented" and "blatantly obvious" dataset available anywhere that demonstrates bias against the Cowboys. What is this, a Mavericks forum?

    This is what a substandard franchise with a miserable track record and utter lack of positive trajectory creates - fans who feast on ashes and rend their clothes in the street over perceived unjust treatment.

    Maybe we just suck?
  8. xwalker

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    Yes, I watched that play several times in slow-motion. His hand does not appear to be inside the Jersey.

    IMO, it was an impressive show of hand strength by Carter to be able to make that tackle.

    If I ever quit watching football, it will be because of the refs. I can live with losing and with Jerry running the Cowboys, etc. because there is still a small sliver of hope; however, the bad officiating makes some games almost impossible to win and there does not appear to be an hope for it to get better.
  9. Hoofbite

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    This is why I've thought the horse collar rule has always been kind of stupid. Your lower body can swing into a guys legs and roll up on him with or without grabbing the inside of the shoulder pads. The risk of injuring someone is there either way, although it's likely greater when grabbing the inside of the pads because of a more sudden change in direction.

    Likely part of the reason it happened on this play is because Sproles is just so small. If that were a bigger back it's likely just a normal tackle where the RB is dragged to the ground. Because Sproles is like 190 pounds his momentum couldn't carry the tackler and Carter was able to stop Sproles enough that Carter's momentum carried him through horse-collar like.

    I would imagine they'll adjust the rule to apply to any tackle that buckles the defenders legs from behind and folds the guy up on top of himself. As it is right now the rule is applied when it shouldn't be hell, you can grab a guy by the hair and drag him down and be perfectly fine.
  10. Carharris2

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    They are part of the fans of every team
    as you stated. Plus there's around 50 of them. A decent sample size. They also talk and reflect the views of various sports talk and fan talk.
    I imagine you read this forum often. There is plenty, as in every single week this year, of threads about the calls. Many are indefensible. As in haven't been successfully proved to a reasonable person to not be completely the wrong call. The pass interference picked up flag a couple of weeks ago followed in the second half by a penalty against the Cowboys when it actually was incidental and only their feet tangled up while looking back at the ball is one documented example. I guess it's your high level opinion this forum doesn't constitute "well documented" then fine. It's been "documented" on here.
    It's also documented in general sports culture and on this site that complaining about the refs is being a crybaby. If you've never heard that then I can supply you with references. I assure you it has been said before.

    If you feel the Carter horse collar play was well called and well fined then you have poor judgement. If you then compare that call to the no call on a blatantly obvious hit on Harris out of bounds into Saints players in violation of a "well" documented rule that wasn't called a penalty and resulted in half the fine as the non penalt and see no poor judgement or a possible bias then you aren't able to judge these type of plays or situations and should probably abstain from commenting.
    Your cooperation is appreciated.
  11. jimmy40

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    I was worried there would be nothing to cry about during the bye week but you guys came through.
  12. Carharris2

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    I'm not really sure but I'm guessing it's embarrassing even on a website to be put in ones place.
  13. DuceizBak

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    defense should be fined for playing so horribly

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