Brunell named starter, Jansen breaks thumb, Ramsey trade?***Ultimate Skins thread***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by SA_CowboyFan, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. SA_CowboyFan

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    Does anyone know his status after getting clotheslined yesterday? I am wondering if it will be him or Brunell who captains the team that continues the skins losing streak to Dallas.
  2. dougonthebench

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    I think its Brunell.
  3. EndGame

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    I think it's Brunell too. Brunell is playing better right now, but he didn't exactly light up the skies yesterday when he was in there.
  4. SA_CowboyFan

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    If it weren't for Portis, the skins would have had nothing yesterday. They beat the BEARS for God's sake. Our win was close, but at least it was to a good team.
  5. DLCassidy

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    That game had to have been painful to watch. 2 bad offenses playing against two good defenses. Anyone that expects us to do what we did yesterday on offense against the skins is probably dreaming.
  6. Skins26

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    They may be "just the bears" but they still have a good defense.

    (btw, the only reason they scored was because of a fumble on a kick return, which gave them the ball at the 20. If it wasn't for that this would have easily been a shut out)

    Anyway, if Ramsey is healthy, he'll go. There's absolutely no reason why he shouldn't. Ramsey has 100+ yards in a little over a quarter (spread out over a game that would be surpassing define "nothing"). Brunell couldn't get 100 yards in 3 quarters....
  7. AbeBeta

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    Ramsey is so much better than Brunell. Brunell has very little left in the tank. He's only on the team because it would screw the Skins' cap to release him at this point. That trade and signing was among the worst offseason moves in recent history. Surprised Jerry didn't beat Danny to it.
  8. HardHittin'Witten

    HardHittin'Witten This ain't Madden

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    didn't Ramsey have a 0.0 rating against us once? let him start!!!
  9. EGTuna

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    Gibbs said he would decide on Wednesday who will start vs. Dallas.
  10. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    At best, their defense is mediocre... this must be the 10th time I've read some Skins fan talkin' about how good their defense is, and it just ain't so...

    They are the exact same defense as last year, except Jerry Azumah has swapped positions with Nathan Vasher... Azumah is now the nickel back, and Vasher is the starter... and last year, they were 21st in total defense, 25th in rushing defense, 15th in pass defense...

    Now, admittedly some of their defensive woes stem from the number of three and outs their impotent offense put up, but to say the Bears' defense is good is simply revisionist history...

    Then the Skins should really do something about their propensity for turning the ball over... this is a problem they also had in preseason, and until they do correct it, they won't be a threat to make the playoffs...

    Yeah, his job should be safe after posting a scintillating 49.4 quarterback rating yesterday... and getting sacked twice in 13 pass attempts...

    ROTFLMAO... you might want to ponder how Ramsey COULD HAVE come back in the second half yesterday, but Gibbs CHOSE to stay with Brunell... and yeah, all Mark did yesterday was dump the ball off, as evidenced by his lofty 5.0 yards per attempt...
  11. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    Naw, that was Hasselbeck...

    Edit-- turns out I'm wrong, back in 2002 Ramsey got in the game long enough to throw one pass, which was picked off, so of course he had a 0.00 rating in that game...

    Now, in the 3 games that Ramsey has played most of the game against the Boys, he is 1-2, and has the following stats line:

    90 attempts... 52 completions... 57.8 completion percentage... 514 yards (171.3 yards per game)... 5.7 yards per attempt... 4 TDs... 4 ints... 7 sacks, for -60 yards... 454 net yards passing (151.3 yards per game)... 44 points scored (14.7 points per game)...

    Quarterback rating against the Cowboys-- 65.0...

    I figure Brunell will be the starter, but if it's Ramsey, I won't be disappointed...
  12. bsheeern

    bsheeern Well-Known Member

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    Spin it any way you want We are both 1-0 and you have to play us on the road on Monday Night. What about the time they were in the red zone and the deflected pass got picked off. They could have just as easily been up on you guys!!
  13. Billy Bullocks

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    Ramsey isn't as bad as people say. He spent 2 years with Spurriers failure of a system, and has seen a vet brought in, and a new guy drafted. He's played well at times. They finally got him a running game. He still doesn't really have anyone to throw to.
  14. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    It will be Ramsey...I don't think Gibbs can go any other way and not lose face. He's made it clear that Ramsey is his the end of the game, he was on the sideline wearing his helmit...he appeared to be fine, just got his bell rung a little.

    Brunnell didn't exactly come in and light it up...he struggled and also threw an INT...the offense never scored a TD.
  15. dcdallaschick

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    Having watched a good bit of that miserable game (and most of their preseason games), the difference between Ramsey and Brunell seems to be more about types of play that Gibbs likes to run. Brunell seems to be better at the shorter strikes and hitches they like to call because he can be accurate at short distances. I haven't seen enough of Brunell on longer plays to know how he'd do with those.

    When they let Ramsey go downfield (and manage to give him a few seconds to let the play develop), he does well. If there's pressure, though, he can tend to throw a bad pick into coverage. So, they try to play it safe most of the time with the shorter plays, but it's a trade-off because he seems to suck at those shorter/more lateral throws a good bit of the time.

    One advantage for us with Brunell (this week anyway) may be that his main protection (since he's a lefty) is Jansen, who now has both thumbs in casts.
  16. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    The only interception in the game was thrown by Ramsey, early in the game...

    But you're right about Brunell not lighting it up, other than one 23 yard completion to Chris Cooley, all he did was dump the ball off... his other 7 completions went for a total of 47 yards (6.7 yards per completion, leading to a feeble 5.0 yards per attempt average)...

    I thought Brunell was looking much sharper in preseason, but his performance yesterday was very much like his performance in 2004...
  17. mbanx

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    Was'nt it really Garcia when he played with the Browns against (believe it or not) last years defense
  18. HardHittin'Witten

    HardHittin'Witten This ain't Madden

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    Garcia had a 0.0, as well. the Skins game was on Turkey Day a couple of years ago, and it was Hasselbeck. Thanks for the correction, silverbear.
  19. Skins26

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    That's because they have actually seen the Bears play.

    So basing how they'll do this year based on last year's stats (despite ugrading their D coaches and having their best player on D back and healthy) is called....what?

    Actually, the Skins don't turn the ball over any more than any other team.
    They average last year was 28, the Skins had 27.
    (Dallas had 37 if you were curious)

    lol, you didn't see the game did you?
    After a shakey start including a bad decision that lead to that int, Ramsey settled down and was having a very solid game. Like I said, he had over 100 yards in just over a quarter, and had a TD (which was called back on the most ridiculous offensive PI call you will ever see in your life). The first sack was due to good coverage, the second (which was an illegal hit) was all on our O line, not Ramsey.

    Actually, I agree with Gibbs choice to keep Ramsey out. Especially after the type of hit he recieved. The Bears weren't going to score on us, so it didn't matter who our QB was.

    Exactly. Compared to Ramsey's 9.5 yards per attempt (17.5 yards per completion)
  20. Cowboy from New York

    Cowboy from New York Well-Known Member

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    Its too soon to move Ware as he is still learning his main position, but how tempting is it to move him over to the left side and rush him against a guy who wont be able to grab on to him?

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