News: Bryan Broaddus breaks down Cowboys vs Jags film

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Here's Bryan Broaddus scouting what he saw on the game film from the Jags vs Cowboys game earlier tonight on ESPN Radio...

    Broaddus talks Jags vs Cowboys - Nov 2nd

    Felix Jones has no wiggle. He doesn't make anyone miss anymore if he's not able to run by them from 10 yards away. I really hate to say it, but sometimes he reminds me of Julius Jones because he's very stiff.

    Igor is the last guy that I want to hear from right now.

    And this past training camp was a train wreck and these stupid players came out everyday and told everyone who would listen that it was a tough camp when anyone like Broaddus who was there watching was telling a different story.

    Wade made the ultimate mistake of thinking the Cowboys were going to start playing in September like they played last December without putting in any hard work in the Summer. That's bad coaching and leadership and it's the #1 reason he should be fired ASAP.
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    Spagnola (the biggest homer there is) was saying the exact same thing on his radio show today. He thought they were a little complacent in training camp thinking they would just pick up were they left off. He also mentioned he felt the same way after the 2007 season and we all know how 2008 turned out.
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    I think the word Mickey used was "stale".
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    I cannot imagine any coach worth his salt would let a team get cocky after the debacle of 08.

    Good thing all these young players are getting a dose of reality. Hopefully they remember it this time.
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    Broaddus says the playcalling is bad. The execution is bad. :( Bad matchups. I hate this.

    I wondered about their conditioning in the Giants game. They came out looking good, but by halftime, they were worn out.

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