Bryce Brown's dogs seized *and returned* in fighting case

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tantrix1969, Jun 29, 2013.

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    A pit bull and her seven puppies belonging to Eagles RB Bryce Brown were among the animals seized in a suspected dog fighting operation in Wisconsin.
    The seizure took place on May 21 at Northland Pits in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. During a Friday hearing, Bekah Weitz, the humane officer for the Eau Claire County Humane Association, said one of her concerns regarding the animals was they were being trained for fighting. When the dogs were seized, she saw scarring on seven animals. We'll have more on this story as further details emerge.Jun 29 - 12:54 PM

    I guess the Eagles are still Vick's team after all
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    Dogs owned by Bryce Brown were seized last month, returned to him Friday

    Posted by Mike Florio on June 29, 2013, 2:18 PM EDT
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    Dogs owned by Eagles running back Bryce Brown were seized in May at a Wisconsin kennel. According to the Eau Claire (Wisc.) Leader-Telegram, the seizure of the adult female Pit Bull and seven puppies occurring in connection with a broader dogfighting investigation.
    On Friday, a judge ordered that the dog and its litter be returned to Brown.
    Brown has not been accused of wrongdoing, and apparently won’t be. He sent his dog to the kennel for breeding in February.

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    *** is wrong with these people? Are they not getting paid enough, or do they just enjoy causing harm to animals for sport?
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    It sounds like he didn't do anything wrong, so maybe we should hold off on the assumptions.
    I'm no fan of pit bulls though.
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    <---- Hey!!

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    Just a guess but seeing how they gave the dogs back he wasn't breeding them to fight.
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    I'm indifferent with them just as I am with a number of other breeds. Don't care either way. I've seen people raise them as a dog like people do with any other breed and not some sort of statement of being a hard *** and the dogs have turned out fine. I had a family member who had one and she was the sweetest thing you could ever come across. You literally couldn't get her out of your lap because she wanted to be your best friend and have you pet her all day. I haven't actually met a pit bull that was threatening. Then again, I think dogs largely reflect their owner in terms of personality and I wouldn't hang around someone who owned the thing solely because they wanted a "tough dog" to act tough or make them appear like some hero bad ***.

    For some reason I'm more nervous around German Shepherds. I had one charge me when I was a kid and if it weren't for it's owner calling it back it would have bitten me. Also a buddy of mine had a shepherd mix that was a little off and often times wouldn't remember who you were from one visit to the next. She looked just like a German but was smaller in size and for whatever reason she was always in patrol-mode when someone came over. I was at my friend's house multiple times a week after school, spanning multiple years, and there was always the awkward meet and greet with his dog until she got comfortable. Once she realized you were okay, or remembered you were there yesterday, she was a teddy bear in your lap.

    Probably all the cop shows as well where those things tear down people running. I dunno, whatever it is I'm skittish around German Shepherds.
  8. Dash28

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    Have you ever owned one or just going off the negative view?
  9. Sarge

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    You're right - we should hold off on the assumptions here, but one thing is clear, dogfighting or supporting it in general, directly or indirectly, is lame.
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    I've seen to much from seemingly normal Pits in real life to feel comfortable with them around my 5 year old son.
    No doubt though, there are some that can be real sweethearts.
    I just know too many cases where something sets them off. Maybe the American version of the gene pool is too corrupted at this point to where ever well raised ones have the potential
    Several years ago, a neighbors 4 year old nearly lost her life to one that was supposedly a "sweetie-pie".
    Another time, I was at a park and girl was jogging with her little dog and a pit killed it on the spot. People were hitting and kicking it...but no chance that dog was letting go. Killed that poor screaming girls dog right in front of her.
    Just two months ago a pit killed a neighbors dog. The owner claims nothing like that has ever happened.That neighbors that lost the dog were mortified (and furious) but also relieved as they have two very young kids who could just as easily have been killed.

    I have a work mate who owns a really nice Pit, but sorry, no chance I would ever leave my 5 year old son alone with it.
    And if his dog were to tear my son's throat out in some very brief freak out moment, for sure I'm killing the owner right then and there.

    No reason whatsoever to own one, imo. And I do know many are very good pets.
  11. Dash28

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    Fair enough and that's your right to do. There are a lot of stories like that from a multitude of breeds, not just pits. It's mostly about the correct breeding, temperament and responsible owners. I haven't had one issue with my pit and he's calmer than my two boxers. It just irritates me when people claim they're evil and can't make great pets.
  12. Wheeltax

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    They can make great pets, but there are definitely some dog breeds more prone to aggression than others.
  13. SilverStarCowboy

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    Dogs in general are one 1/64 - 1/128 or less of a genetic step away from being Wolves, = Wild vs Domesticated. Which is just one thing to keep in mind when caring for amazing K-9.

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