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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jul 13, 2014.

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    Bryce Petty | Quarterback
    Team: Baylor Bears
    Age / DOB: (23) / 5/31/1991
    Ht / Wt: 6'3' / 230

    Baylor redshirt senior QB Bryce Petty "has linebacker's size (6-3, 238) and a tailback's burst and athleticism," writes Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman.
    Petty was named to Feldman's "All-Freak" team, a deserved honor for a QB who vertical jumps 38 inches, broad jumps 10-feet, 5.5-inches, squats 510 pounds and runs a 4.62 forty. If you need proof of Petty's work ethic, consider that he arrived on campus weighing 214 pounds, with a 31-inch vertical and a high 4.8 second forty. Bears strength coach Kaz Kazadi said Petty's workout numbers rival former Baylor QB RGIII's. "If you wanted him to go to 250 and make him a defensive end so he was chasing quarterbacks, he could do it," said Kazadi. "If you wanted to make him that old-school, over-the-tight end outside linebacker, he could do it. If you wanted to make him a tight end, he could easily do it. He can do all that." Jul 13 - 9:26 PM
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    9,246 Likes Received's Bucky Brooks "can't jump onboard" with the idea that Baylor redshirt senior QB Bryce Petty is a potential franchise quarterback.
    A four-game film study left Brooks "questioning [Petty's] overall talent and potential." The 6-foot-3, 230-pound redshirt senior put ip 4,200 yards and a 32-to-3 TD-to-INT ratio last year, but Brooks gave a lot of credit for those numbers to his stellar supporting cast. "I saw a quarterback who greatly benefitted from a clever offensive system and supporting cast loaded with future NFL playmakers," wrote the analyst. "Petty didn't exhibit the arm talent, accuracy and playmaking ability I would expect from a franchise quarterback; I would need to see dramatic improvements in his mechanics and overall play to place him in the conversation with Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Brent Hundley as the top quarterback in the 2015 class." Jul 4 - 2:25 AM
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    Why is Bucky Brooks being so Petty?

    Bada Bing
    Try the Veal
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    He is a kid I will have my eye on next season.
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    Am I the only one who reads his name as 'Betty Pryce' ever time and is momentarily confused every time she is mentioned?
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    Yeah, but that would be one ugly Betty.
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    He's growing on me. Mid-to-late first rounder as of right now.

    As far as Bucky, I've dealt with him personally and I don't think his assessments are always fair. He works (or used to work) for one of the agencies that does draft preparation and he tends to hype up players who sign with that agency. I get that as a coach/trainer for that company he has more direct access to those players but it comes across like "if you sign with us, I will pimp you on national television". Also, he's admitted that a lot of the stuff said is just for ratings.
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    I think one of the things that will work against him is the fact that he will 24 at the time of the draft next year, not ancient by any means but on the older side for a highly drafted rookie.
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    Some may judge Petty on the achievements of other QBs that were coached by Art Briles. Keven Kolb, Case Keenum and Robert Griffin III all played for Briles. If those three don't do well this season, GMs and coaches may associate the coaching and system they ran in college to their performance in the NFL. It could reflect on their evaluation of Petty even if he has a good season.
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    Having watched Petty I can say this: physically he's what you want, leadership-wise he's what you want, arm strength-wise and touch he is what you want.

    BUT his number one con is this: he will rely on his arm strength too much and force some balls that he gets away with in college and never would in the pro game, and he can be too slow to commit to a decision when checking down, and his footwork can be improved.
  12. Aikbach

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    The puzzling thing about that assessment is he's basically saying he's playing in an NFL offense, how would he not be surrounded by NFL playmakers in the actual NFL? Silly wording by Brooks.

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    I'm sorry if I sound like a whinny sports fan here but come on, enough is enough.

    First you had:

    Deion Sanders [​IMG] and Leon SandCastle [​IMG]

    Then you had:

    Jerry Rice [​IMG] and Jerry Ricecakes [​IMG]

    And now you have:Herman Munster [​IMG] and Bryce Petty [​IMG]

    Come on already, enough is enough already.
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    Ha, i dunno why he takes such an ugly media snapshot, he's usually a pretty normal looking guy.


  15. joseephuss

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    First was John Elway looking like a donkey.
  16. Aikbach

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    Our dear Tony Romo is one of the gooifest looking men behind center as well, and Andy Dalton, that poor posterchild ginger.
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    I'm not interested in any quarterbacks who come from systems where they don't have to read a defense. Unless Art Broyles has changed something since RGIII left, I'm not interested in Baylor QBs.
  18. windward

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    They also don't have a traditional playbook which may add to the learning curve in the NFL. He's currently a notch below Winston, Mariota and Hundley at the moment IMO.
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    I'd put him ahead of all but Mariota in terms of intellect, he's already graduated and doing pre law studies right now in prep for GRE.
    Plus if Kendell Wright, Terrance Williams, Josh Gordon, and Tevin Reese can adapt to the NFL playbook a much more intellectually pressed Petty can.

    His mechanics are his weakness, those he must shore up, and the double edge sword of quarterbacking "WR U" is he can force it sometimes to exceptional athletes and get away with it, not that those same caliber and better won' be pass catching in the NFL, but they'll also be in defense.

    Winston is a liability to end up in jail at some point, Hundley hasn't impressed me, same way Bridgewater didn't impress me, Mariota is pretty good.

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