BTB:2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Conclusion Jumping To Cowboys Trade Up For Von Miller

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 27, 2011.

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    2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Conclusion Jumping To Cowboys Trade Up For Von Miller
    by KD Drummond on Apr 27, 2011 6:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2011 Draft

    - The Cleveland Browns seem to be very serious about trading out of the number six spot, according to this report. Cleveland Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi hints that the Houston Texans are the interested party, pending Von Miller or Patrick Peterson being on the board. That would seem to hinge mostly on either Blaine Gabbert or AJ Green going top 5.

    In yesterday's presser, owner Jerry Jones said that he believed that a quick turnaround isn't out of the question. He relayed a story of his college team at Arkansas. His junior year, the team was predicted to compete for a championship but went 5-5. He said they got one player, turned it around and went to an undefeteated national championship. Me reading Jerry speak sees him saying that there is a guy he thinks he can make a splash with and get. It can't be one of the four prospects they are targeting at 9 should that player not be within reach. I'm just seeing a trade up materializing here, Von Miller or Patrick Peterson. We definitely can offer a better package than Houston can.
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    ........and I really believe it COULD be PP. JJ is always saying one thing and doing another (said today he doubted we would trade up....meaning there is a very good chance) So I just think we will grab PP in the 6 slot IF we beat Houston's offer. Great trade for the Brownies as they can sit at 9 and nab Tyron Smith. They'll have two awesome, young bookend tackles for years to come PLUS whatever they snag from us in the trade (3rd rounder?)
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    Taking PP doesnt keep Tony on his feet.
    The Dallas Cowboys go as Tony Romo goes. Keep him upright we have the best chance to win. End of.
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    I have PP rated as the best player in this draft, so I would freaking love to get this guy.

    Problem is I dont see PP lasting till the 6th pick, but we can always hope.
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    If there were any elite tackles available, it'd be a no brained at 9. Unfortunately, no onei in this class blows anyone away.
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    I was watching NFL network path to the draft and Casserly and Mayock both said it's a very weak draft. Billick only had three blue chip players in the whole draft Peterson, Dareus, and Miller.
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    ....all the OT's have questions. Which is why we'll go defense IMHO. If not PP, then a Dtackle like Watt or even Jordan

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