BTB: 2012 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Updates Top 5 Players Per Position

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Yesterday, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock released an updated version of his top five players per position heading into the Combine. You can find the full rankings here,
    but we'll focus only the positions of need for the Cowboys and any changes to the ranking since Mayock's initial version from January.

    Defensive Ends/OLBs: An improved pass rush is an obvious position to focus on as a Cowboys fan. Anthony Spencer's future with the Cowboys is still up in the air, and with the amount of interest the Cowboys showed in J.J. Watt last year, an upgraded pass rush will certainly be one of the offseason objectives for the Cowboys. Whether this upgrade will happen at OLB or DE is the topic of much debate, but since Mayock conveniently lumps the two together, we'll talk about both in one go.

    Rank Previous Ranking (1/24) Updated Rank (2/14) Change
    1 Quinton Coples, North Carolina Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
    2 Melvin Ingram, South Carolina Quinton Coples, North Carolina
    3 Whitney Mercilus, Illinois Andre Branch, Clemson
    4 Nick Perry, USC Whitney Mercilus, Illinois
    5 (tie) Chandler Jones, Syracuse Vinny Curry, Marshall
    Andre Branch, Clemson Nick Perry, USC
  2. jterrell

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    He ranks Ingram 1st now.

    Interesting indeed.
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    he said on NFLN that just based on his senior tape Coples shouldnt even be a first round pick. But that his junior tape and his senior bowl performance said he did.
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    Gotta wait and see Ingram at the combine, but I am warming up to him. Still like Decastro at 14, but can be convinced. Just no CB with baggage.
  5. supercowboy8

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    Interesting indeed, I had him #1 a month ago and people called me crazy
  6. realtick

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    I don't think that had anything to do with where you ranked Melvin Ingram.

  7. cowboyjoe

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    I like ingram better than upshaw, who scares me alittle, reminds me of another spencer without pass rush moves. But upshaw does give all heart and effort.
    Only thing about ingram though, in some games he disappeared.
  8. Randy White

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    at his ranks, you can see the weaknesses and strength of the draft overall. It's still early and, just like in every year, the slotting will not be set until early April, but imo it looks to be a nice solid draft as oppossed to a great one.

    It's strength are in the offensive tackles and Defensive tackles possitions. Teams that have DTs and OTs as their priority are very fortunate this year. The potential #1 draft picks in both groups goes 5 deep with not a " huge " difference between #1 and #5.

    The DE position is not as good or deep as the DT and OTs, but it is very very solid. The problem in making an evaluation on them as a group is that there are going to be players who are called " DE " who'll be playing as OLB in 3-4 defenses and, as such, it makes the " DE " group a little weaker ( and the " LB " group stronger ). However, even if those types of guys are taken out of the equation, Coples, Branch, and Mercilus still form a very solid group of " true 4-3 DE ".

    I am a little surprised that Ingram has jumped ahead of Coples in his ranking, but I'm not convinced. I think Ingram is a terrific player and an athletic phenom, but Coples is also an athletic freak and he's 6'5. I do, however, undertand that Coples' not going " 100% all the time " hurts him a little, but when he's " on " he's unstoppable.

    The LB position ( mostly OLB ) is also very solid, even without the " tweeners". Obviously Luke Kuechly leads the pack, but even though he doesn't mention guys like Zach Brown from North Carolina, and Lavonte David from Nebraska ( probably because of the lack of room due to the tweeners ), those guys strengthen the group.

    The QB position is solid mostly because of the top 2 ( Luck and RGIII ). After them the drop is significant and although there are prospects with the potential to really move up late ( like Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder last year ) those guys, most likely, would still be projects who would not start for a year or two.

    Running backs are solid too. There's a top horse in Richardson, and although there's a drop after him, it's not a precipice. I like Lamar Miller's speed and strength, and he'd be a perfect " Houston/Washington system back " of one cut and go, but there are other styles as well to choose from with the other names on his list.

    OG and C, was a very decently deep group until he moved Cordy Glenn from OG to OT. It made the tackles very deep, but it weaken the guards as a group. DeCastro is the cream of the crop and then the drop is significant after him. Konz is obviously the top C, but after him there isn't anybody worth looking at until the 4th round at the earliest.

    Corners are above average as a group with Claiborne and Kirkpatrick leading the pack. However, because of the off-the field issues with Kirkpatrick ( even if the chargers were dropped ) it brings the group down a little. After them, the drop is not too steep, but steep enough, with Jenkins and Denard ( whom he did not mentioned ) and the rest.

    Wide receivers are a disappointment this year, and I think that's what's keeping this draft from being great. There are usually 3 or 4 top guns every year that stand out, but this year it has not been the case. Imo the reason for that is due to the failure of big names like Michael Floyd, Alshon Jeffery and even Tommy Streeter to a certain extent, of playing up to their full potential for whatever reason. Those guys were big time prospects just a year or two ago, but they never dominated like their potential says they should.

    Safety: There's Barron and then everybody else.. Not even worth mentioning. Weak, weak group.

    TEs are not even in the radar for me this year.

    Of course, this does not mean a damn thing when it comes to any of these guys' eventual career in the pros, but it's still fun to speculate.
  9. CCBoy

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    I tell you, I am engrossed with Kuechly and what he would add to Sean Lee and Carter. That would carry the inside for eight years, and fully fill package roles as well. That would be a sideline to sideline trio that salivates this linebacker's mouth...

    and nice pictoral posting there, White.
  10. bpfred

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    I am sold on Coples' physical ability--IMO, Coples is significantly better than Ingram physically. I think Coples can be as good as he wants to be. The only question: how good does he want to be?

    IMO, Coples could very well be the best NFL player coming out of this draft (except QBs). If I were the Cowboys, I would have no trouble trading up to get him (within reason).

    Ingram--I am much less convinced with him. I would have real trouble drafting him at 14.

    Just one person's opinion.
  11. Randy White

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    CC, and I share your views when it comes to Kuechly. The thought of those 3 on the field is very tempting. As I said with the idea of drafting Spence in another post: I don't think we'll see another " business decision " play from a Cowboys defense for at least a generation. Toughness it's not the only thing those guys bring to the table, but also leadership.

    Perhaps the Cowboys should follow the Steelers' motto when it comes to situations like this. If the player fits your system, draft him and don't look back.
  12. Noryb

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    I like him but, I can't get past his arm length. I read that they are 30 1/2".... And they call Costa T-Rex!

    Are there any dominant pass rushers with such short arms?
  13. Oh_Canada

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    I'm the opposite-prefer the guy with great leadership skills and work ethic, to go along with tremendous athletic ability over the inconsistent underachiever with tremendous athletic ability.

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