BTB:BTB Talks Cowboys Draft With Drafttek, Part III: Defensive Options

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    by rabblerousr on Apr 20, 2012 1:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft
    Our three-part interview with Drafttek scout - and BTB member - Long Ball concludes with a look at the defensive side of the ball, which is likely to see a lot of action over the course of draft weekend.

    BTB: We spent Part II looking at possible additions on offense. Today, let's jump over to the other side of the ball - and directly to the defensive line. The Cowboys are well-stocked with five techniques (3-4 defensive ends), but they are a moribund group at best, which is why some pundits are saying the Cowboys will spend their first round pick on a defensive lineman. What do you think of the "big uglies" that are likely to be under consideration at the fourteenth pick - Dontari Poe, Fletcher Cox and Michael Brockers?

    Long Ball: I wouldn’t spend #14 on Poe. He would be a trade-down target because I have gone back and re-graded his game tape at Memphis after his performance at the Combine and I still see an under-performer. His one sack came against that basketball powerhouse Austin Peay! He has a tendency to get too high and loses leverage. If you bring him in, he’s sharing snaps with Josh Brent; is that good utilization of a first half of the first round draft choice? I’m afraid of workout warriors, and if I’m going to be platooning NT’s, I'll do it by spending a later round draft choice.

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