News: BTB: Charlotte Jones-Anderson: "We Want People To Feel Like They Own A Part Of The Cowboys"

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  1. Redball Express

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    I never have understood the pole dancers.

    A distraction from the field and presents an atmosphere of a nightclub.

    You certainly don't see the TV cameras showing them much..

    ..thank goodness.

    Where Jerrah and his wife and daughter came up with that is nuts.

    I'm going to blame Larry Lacewell..

    hes been the nexus of every bad decision the Jones make.
  2. Redball Express

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    And of course the time Eli Manning wrote on the visitors locker room when they christened the new stadium with a resounding thud for the Cowboys.

    Tom Jackson has always disliked the Cowboys..

    and for good reason.

    And what he says is always viable to me becuz he is always well thought out.

    Having said that..

    the 'brand' of the team is not about how much art you have in your stadium.

    Its about the jewelry in your Trophy Case.

    Ours is getting very old and very tarnished.

    Jerrah need to take the trophies out of the case..

    ..put them on his desk..

    turn off the phone and the computer..

    ..and absorb the culture the trophies represent.
  3. theebs

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    I have to ask. Have you ever been to the stadium?

    the dancers are on the third level of the west end and nobody even knows they are there. I think the purpose they serve is to entertain the party pass people during pregame and after the game.

    During the game I don't think I have ever even glanced over at them.
  4. WoodysGirl

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    I agree with you re: their purpose. That Party Pass is insane. I could never do it. I don't have the temperament to stand in a crush of people like that.

    Also, I don't believe they were at the Eagles game. I was sitting on that side of the stadium and nobody was on those stands.
  5. EPL0c0

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    I'd gladly give up my part ownership if it means Jerry's gone and professionals are brought in to focus on FOOTBALL not selling a brand.
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  6. BoysFan4ever

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    What's funny is you could ask any fan, any city WHAT STADIUM HAS DANCERS IN IT THAT ARE NOT CHEERLEADERS & I bet almost everyone would know it was A T & T.

    Jerry would love that.

    That's what they are all about.
  7. WV Cowboy

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    So the 80,000 at the game don't see them???

    Well the millions on TV sure do.

    That whole stadium, .. pole dancers included, .. is like having the hottest looking race car, with the most chrome and the best paint job, .. the coolest wheels, and the engine rumbles and sounds the best at the starting line, ... but it sputters out at the end and you have to watch the other cars finish ahead of you as you come coasting across the line.

    I would rather win the race in an ugly car. Maybe that's just me.
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  8. diehard2294

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    She doesn't have to worry about tarnishing the star! Daddy is doing just fine with that
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  9. theebs

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    I don't like the stadium at all to be clear I am just telling you I never look up at the spot where they dance it is just to my right.

    So yes I never notice them and they don't really have any place during the game. I don't recall seeing them on the big screen either.

    They do a pregame dance routine before the cheerleaders outside on the stages in front of the entrances and dance around outside in the party pass areas. I really think that is the only purpose.
  10. theebs

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    nor could I.

    I will say though I stood for the whole bengals preseason game this year. I always have sinus issues in august here and I was basically dizzy that whole day before I went to the game. the people who ended up sitting to the right of me smelled terrible...yes im being serious...they smelled horrible like bad food or something. It made me nauseous so I went and stood at the top of my section and it wasn't so bad.

    but for a regular season game I cant imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to move.
  11. RXP

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    I think the pole dancers are the farm team to the actual cheerleaders. Either that or cheerleader rejects. Not sure which. Nor do I care.
  12. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Not sure why anyone has issues with the go go dancers as if somehow that cheapens the game but has no issue with cheerleaders on the sidelines for just about every NFL team.
  13. theebs

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    nah the cheerleaders are simply amazing looking. It sucks all humans didn't look like cowboys cheerleaders.

    the dancers appear to just be dancers.
  14. mrmojo

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    Isn't Charlotte Jones's husband the guy who was cleaning Jerry's glasses? If thats what you ahve to do to own a part of the Cowboys then count me out...
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  15. BoysFan4ever

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    They are just part of THE SHOW.
  16. BoysFan4ever

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  17. BigStar

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    We believe they have evolved. Why exhaust resources into a winner when the profit margin remains the same or even increases? In a way, you could preserve your ego from the years of losing where effort was common by changing the source of the fuel for one's pride; winning was conquered/evolved by JJ's initial passion that made him successful: money and gambling now feed his ego. Not winning. .He would welcome wins, DEFINATELY, they are not necessary to remain intact unfortunately for us.
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  18. theebs

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    Yes. He used to run the desperadoes.
  19. Boyzmamacita

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    Yep. That was her husband, Shy Anderson. It's funny how "viral" it became that he cleaned his father-in-law's glasses.
  20. Kristen82

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    Part-owner would be nice, but I'm not that ambitious. I'd reluctantly settle for allowing us into the locker room right after the games when they're showering.
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