News: BTB: Could Anthony Spencer Be Ready To Start The Season For The Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jul 18, 2014.

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    It is still very early, but after so much gloom surrounding the health of the Dallas Cowboys, there may be a ray of sunshine.

    For the past two years, any news involving the health of the Dallas Cowboys was bad. In 2012, there were injuries right up the middle of the defense that created massive problems. In 2013, the cluster was focused in the defensive line. Hamstring problems seemed to be a weekly occurrence and led to the eventual departure of Miles Austin. Injuries have reduced Matt Johnson to the status of a dimly-remembered myth.

    It would be very welcome to see some good news for a change. So I had to fight to keep from getting overly excited when I saw this on Twitter.

    Per @SullyBaldHead: "Am hearing more and more that Anthony Spencer is healthier and progressing quicker than anyone imagined."

    — One Cool Customer (@OCC44) July 17, 2014

    The line comes from the latest column by Jeff Sullivan at, or as we term it, the mothership. It is just one little line as he goes through three things to watch in training camp, and he brings it up while talking about who the leaders are going to be on defense. But just that thought makes one drift into flights of Kool Aid fueled fantasy.

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    Imagine for a moment that the Cowboys could manage to go into the season with a healthy Anthony Spencer and a healthy Henry Melton. That would go a very long way toward compensating for the loss of DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher from last year's squad. Suddenly, talk about the defense getting better does not look so irrational.

    OK. This is just one comment from one writer, so obviously we are getting into some fairly extreme speculation here. However . . .

    As I said, this is from the mothership. Now, one thing that is unique to those guys is that they actually work inside the headquarters at Valley Ranch. They are employees of the team. And they have very regular contact with the staff. Several times in the past, writers with (particularly Bryan Broaddus) have made some statements that make it pretty clear they have some inside information from someone.

    Could this be some kind of trial balloon? Or maybe some optimism from inside the team that Spencer may be ready way sooner than anyone expected?

    Obviously, I certainly hope so. While optimistic statements about the health of Cowboys players deserve a bit of skepticism, based on the recent past, it is about time things broke to the good for Dallas. Just the law of averages would say they are due some good news.

    But the thing that really makes me curious about all this is that I think Sullivan was consistent last season in stating that Spencer's knee issues were worse than the team was letting on. I have been trying to make sure, but for now I am having to rely on memory. And if that is correct, I find myself wondering why the man who was so certain Spencer would not make a significant contribution in 2013 is now floating the idea that he could be back in 2014, and earlier than most predict? It is another one of those things that makes me go "Hmm."

    This is certainly not much to go on. But you can add one more thing to the long list of what to watch in training camp.

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    There's a good bit of news. Now you could have a rotation of Spencer, Crawford and Bass at SDE with the latter two able to rotate inside as well.
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    It may help, but will not hold my breath.
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    I think we're better off not even bothering to risk Spencer early in the year. I'd put him on PUP regardless of if he's ok to go. He'll be infinitely more valuable in the second half of the season than the first.
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    This would be a tremendous bonus if Spencer can return early in the season and play like he can.

    I just hope to see him by October. Week 1 would be a pleasant surprise, no doubt. His contract is written to benefit him if he can.
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    Stuff like this can have a huge impact on a team. Usually it's losing an impact player. In this case, getting him back could be huge.

    Of course, that also requires him playing at a level near the level he was playing at before he went down. That's another huge "if." But Spencer's an underrated player they were really excited about seeing in this 4-3 defense last year before he went down.
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    If he's functional and able to play the snaps they wish then they can monitor him. If his knee swells enough and/or he's dysfunctional for other reasons then they can limit him further. I wouldn't be surprised if he sees limited snaps but he may actually be well enough to practice and play. We'll just have to wait and see. Right now we don't know enough to say he will play at all.
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    Usually the cowboys are way out in front in the positive news regarding injured players. The fact that they aren't doing any wishful thinking makes me believe he won't be a factor in the first half of the season at the least.
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    That is total BS, all these guys are hacks with agendas who have no inside information and know no more about the Cowboys than you and me. I've read here at the Zone a million times.

    As for Spencer, put him on PUP and let get healthier and bring him up in in October.
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    Start him off with 15 snaps a game and go from there, even if he is healthy I can't imagine his durability being back to where it was
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    Sullivan is a source that this fan just doesn't question...
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    I disagree from the to culture, ethics, and responsible sports journalism at the home site. One may question with their own views on a player, but as to housekeeping at the Ranch, that is impeccable.
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    Obviously this is a bit premature, but I read yesterday that they are projecting Hayden to be a starter. Scary thought
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    I have no idea if it is true or not. But much of what is posted as news is not totally verifiable.
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    When do they have to announce the PUP list. Before the first practice, or if a player doesn't practice, say even a week into camp, can they still place him on the PUP?

    I know after one practice they can't be on the PUP. But can they sit out until it's determined.

    Yes, it takes a roster spot. but seems they have a lot of DL, as to not be concerned with it. Unless they want to use it for another position.
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    Spencer will not be ready week 1. But with whats being said about him, and its been out there before BTB or sully have said this, writers on have been talking about Spencer for about 3 weeks on how much he;s improved in such a little time. But, maybe they wont need to put him on the PUP. Just never know, especially with this injury because its rare in the NFL
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    I disagree. I love his enthusiasm ((his column in the Star) but he is generally wrong in his assumptions. I read him anyway because he is such a ray of sunshine and he gives me hope.
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    If he is ready for the season then he probably got on some Vitamin S to help him rehabilitate a little quicker.
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    the shills are a joke. And this team as regards injuries have been a BIGGER joke. Never believe anything they say about an injury; they have just about a perfect record of being wrong.
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    Well, that's as scientific as it comes. We can forget about functional capacity exams, CTs, arthrograms, MRs, as well as taking a history and doing an exam especially.

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