News: BTB: Could Anthony Spencer Be Ready To Start The Season For The Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jul 18, 2014.

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    5am here on the east coast and I'm in the mountains about to ride 350 home on my bike.Just turned on the TV to catch the weather. ...Rocky is on...Spencer will therefore be like Rocky.
  2. CCBoy

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    Have a safe ride. And the similarity is great.
  3. theSHOW

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    enjoy you're season and you're fan hood
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    What's going to be different about this season? Jason drops the running game as quickly as he can every game because he's in love with throwing the ball. Romo will throw late game interceptions when we have the lead and should be running the ball to drain the clock. No reason to think it will stop this season

    How exactly has the D improved from last season? Signed Melton? (lost Hatcher)
    Lee, our best defender is out for the season?

    Going to be a really long season this year
  5. jobberone

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  6. CCBoy

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    For the above....then good. Not for all of us who love the game.
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    If only a few people around here would eat more sandwiches...
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  8. Ren

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    Would be nice to get something out of him this season a healthy Spencer makes us better.
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  9. Zimmy Lives

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    While a debate seems unnecessary, I'd be happy to discuss the merits of Sully's writing. ;)

    I have been a subscriber to the Star (formerly known as the Dallas Cowboys Weekly) since the 80s. When Sully began writing for the magazine I was grateful for his column -- it beat reading the same old fluff the other writers were contributing -- because he was voicing his opinion rather that reporting useless details of where the Cowboys wives liked to shop. Good or bad, he is always honest. For example: When the team quit on Wade he called them a bunch of gutless cowards. Perfect!

    However, I have learned not to take his predictions seriously because they come from the heart and not from well known insider facts or proprietary information only he is privy too based on his position. If he tells us that Spencer may be further along than expected then I am going to be hopeful but I am not going to take it as gospel. Sully says a lot of things that may sound promising in the beginning but they never come to fruition. I still enjoy his thoughts.
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    Yup! I never read Mickeroo's articles in the Star. If you want to learn about the cheerleaders you read the Mickeroo.

    Sully is at least honest in his opinions even though he does write from a fan perspective first.
  11. CCBoy

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    The Star is probably the best Cowboys generated monthly publication out there. It gives one a diversity of views, but holds a high standard of not insulting the reader or giving him bogus views or information.

    Anything that directly involves the franchise, and is representative as such, is well informed and sophisticated. If appreciated to the full extent, then, is a matter for personal taste.

    As is said, one can lead a horse to water, but one can't make him drink...unless it is for a very long time.

    This publication has passed the measure of time, and quality is noted by those in the industry as well.

    When a person writes with a positive outlook, even in war, that doesn't eliminate intensity of observation because emotion is involved as well. The drive in emotions of a Mother is one of the greatest things in this world...and just for that reason, the are driven by love.

    That same love applies to technique, statistics, length of observations, or just journalistic integrity.

    Mr. Sullivan is an author that puts realistic feelings into observations of a sport that contains high elements of drama and emotion from the start. That is an enhancement, not a stumbling it feeds an ernest fan's drive. It is sportsmanship in a professional sport...not the ledger of a removed from real action, accountant. Whether a good accountant or not...that accountant doesn't produce the produce or manage it's flow.

    Jeff gives the fan the aroma, plating style, color, and texture of a great plate served.
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    Welcome to the site, and thanks for the big beautiful ray of sunshine that you've brought.
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  13. Doc50

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    It would not be logical to expect JG to continue the same strategic mistakes, unless you think he's insane.

    It would be quite logical to expect a younger and deeper front 7 to be less injured and more cohesive, and therefore more successful.
  14. ChldsPlay

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    Garrett is a slow learner (or stubborn?). Of course it would be logical to expect him to do the same things. He hasn't shown anything to suggest otherwise.

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