BTB:Could Tyrone Crawford Be The Pressure Five The Cowboys Have Been Missing?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 28, 2012.

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    When teams look at a prospect, one of the first things they look at is whether the player meets the physical prototype expected from the position. Bill Parcells explained the rationale for this quite succinctly recently on ESPN: For every position, there is a certain combination of physical measurables that has proven successful in the NFL, and deviating from this success model doesn't have high chances of success.

    Those measurables, outlined by Gil Brandt last year, are summarized in the table below. This is what NFL teams are looking for at the position:
    Drill Significance Def. Tackles Crawford
    40-yard dash Speed over distance 5.15 4.89
    225-pound bench press reps Upper body strength 26 28
    Vertical jump Explosiveness, leg strength 30 33
    Broad jump Explosiveness, leg strength 8-9 9-5
    20-yard shuttle Flexibility, burst, balance 4.55 4.44
    3-cone drill Agility, change of direction 7.75 7.09

    Tyrone Crawford 'posses prototypical NFL athletic ability and speed on the perfect frame' as the NFL Draft Advisory Board writes, and the table above shows why: Crawford beats every single target measurable. In this year's draft class, there are only three additional players who met all six target measurables, the above-mentioned Wolfe and Martin, as well as Kendall Reyes, who went 49th to the Chargers.
    Tyrone Crawford College Career Stats
    Year Games Tackles TFL Sacks
    2010 13 32 13.5 7
    2011 12 44 13.5 6.5
    TOTAL 25 76 27 13.5
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    Great find, cowboyjoe! Thanks!
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    Pick Analysis: Mayock's take: "This is a good pick. He's the prototypical 5-technique in the 3-4 defense. He provides tremendous depth that the Cowboys want."
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    I actually love this pick, because normally at this point in the draft, you get a high motor, run stopping guy that offers little in pass rush. Umm, we've got that already. Crawford can actually rush the passer. I'd love to see a DL on 3rd down consist of Lissenmore, Ratliff, and Crawford.

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