BTB: Cowboys 2012 Undrafted Free Agents: Announce Signing Of 21 Players

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    Cowboys 2012 Undrafted Free Agents: Announce Signing Of 21 Players
    by One.Cool.Customer on Apr 30, 2012 12:30 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft

    Cowboys consider OL Ron Leary their "8th draft pick"
    The Dallas Cowboys announced today that they have signed 21 undrafted rookie free agents. The official list of signings differs in one point from the list we had published earlier: QB Nathan Dick does not appear to be one of the UDFA signings after all. Instead he'll be among 10-15 players having an extra tryout during rookie minicamp.
    'Rank' is per the CBSSports big board
    (*) are players who had a pre-draft
    visit with the Cowboys
    Offense Defense
    POS Rank Player College POS Rank Player College
    OT 182 Jeff Adams Columbia CB 245 Lionel Smith* Texas A&M
    OG 187 Ron Leary* Memphis CB 398 Troy Woolfolk Michigan
    OT 280 Levy Adcock Oklahoma State CB 715 Isaac Madison* Arkansas
    OT 639 Taylor Dever Notre Dame DE 463 Adrian Hamilton* Prairie View A&M
    OG - - Harland Gunn Miami DE 492 Aston Whiteside Abilene Christian
    OT - - Tyrone Novikoff Idaho S 353 Eddie Whitley Virginia Tech
    WR 220 Tim Benford Tennessee Tech
    WR - - Cole Beasley* SMU LS - - Charley Hughlett UCF
    WR - - Donavon Kemp UTEP
    WR - - Saalim Hakim Tarleton State
    TE 335 George Bryan North Carolina State
    TE 540 Andrew Szczerba Penn State RB 355 Lance Dunbar* North Texas
    RB 397 Darrell Scott South Florida

    The Cowboys will bring in an additional 10-15 players for the rookie camp this weekend for tryouts. This will be in addition to the seven draft picks and 21 UDFAs they've signed.Some of names floating around as possible attendees for the tryouts are:
    Nathan Dick, QB, Central Arkansas
    Larry Smith, QB, Vanderbilt
    Bryce Beall, RB, Houston
    David Little, WR, Midwestern State
    Neal Tivis, OL, Abilene Christian
    Jamize Olawale, TE/FB, North Texas
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    Note, however I see 23 names on this list:

    Dallas Cowboys – (4/30): Agreed to terms with the following UDFAs:
    OT Jeff Adams,
    OT Levy Adcock,
    WR Cole Beasley,
    WR Tim Benford,
    WR George Beasley,
    TE George Bryan,
    OT Taylor Dever,
    RB Lance Dunbar,
    G Harland Gunn,
    WR Saalim Hakim,
    LB Adrian Hamilton,
    LS Charley Hughlett,
    WR Donavon Kemp,
    WR Donavon Kemp,
    G Ronald Learcy,
    CB Isaac Madison,
    OT Tyrone Novikoff,
    RB Darrell Scott,
    LB Lionel Smith,
    TE Andrew Szczerba,
    LB Aston Whiteside,
    S Eddie Whitley, and
    CB Troy Woolfolk.
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    Wow, Hos said we had 30 spots open and I was wondering how we were going to fill them. well there's that question answered.
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    WR Donavon Kemp is listed twice.
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    Actually, I was the one who said 30 UDRFAs, but I was wrong about that... turns out since the NFL went to a 90 man roster, for the first time the still-unsigned draft picks count against the 90 man limit... in prior years, those players didn't count against the limit until they actually signed, and the Cowboys generally didn't do that until the last coupla days before the start of training camp....

    So, we have 90 players under contract and 7 draft picks... that leaves 23 open roster spots... we seem to have signed 21 players to date, this leaves 2 open roster slots at this point...
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    Note, I think I found the 23:The other 2 spots that cowboys signed and we havent found yet>

    Adrian Hamilton on the other hand will likely have the ears pinned back and asked to go get the quarterback. Lets not forget Hamilton’s propensity for blocking kicks on special teams. Other notable undrafted free agent signings by the Dallas Cowboys are as follows:
    1.OT Taylor Dever, Notre Dame
    2.TE George Bryan, N.C. State
    3.CB Isaac Madison, Arkansas
    4.TE Andrew Szcrerba, Penn State
    5.RB Darrell Scott, South Florida
    6.RB Lance Dunbar, North Texas
    7.G/T Ronald Leary, Memphis
    8.OT Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State
    9.CB Troy Woolfork, Michigan
    10.RB Bryce Beal, Houston
    11.QB Nathan Dick, Central Arkansas
    12.WR McKay Jacobson, BYU
    13.WR, Cole Beasley, SMU
    14.WR Tim Benford, Tennessee Tech
    15.WR Donavon Kemp, UTEP
    16.WR Saalim Hakim, Tarleton St.
    17.OT Jeff Adams, Columbia
    18.OT Tyrone Novikoff, Idaho
    19.DE Aston Whiteside, Abilene-Christian
    20.S Eddie Whitley, Virginia Tech
    21.CB Lionel Smith, Texas A&M
    22.LS Charley Hughlett, UCF
    23.DE/OLB Adrian Hamilton, Prairie View A&M
    While the list of undrafted free agents is definitive at this point and close to being a complete list. The list of tryout invitees hasn’t been confirmed yet but a couple names at this point are former Vanberbilt QB, Larry Smith, North Texas TE, Jamize Olawale and Midwestern State WR, David Little.
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    There are still more spots open! Have you ever considered a football career, you might have a shot.
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    Hmm I don't know QB Dick....
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    You don't know dick?

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