BTB: Cowboys All In On Alabama?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 31, 2012.

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    by Archie Barberio on Mar 31, 2012 6:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft
    When Jason Garrett began preparing for the draft last year, he only visited one pro day. Garrett personally attended the USC pro day and got a closer look at offensive tackle Tyron Smith. The Cowboys eventually selected him with the 9th overall pick. Once we saw Garrett attending the USC pro day, it became pretty clear the team was interested in Smith.

    Bill Belichick, Pat Shurmur and Jason Garrett recently attended the second Alabama pro day that featured some of the best talent in the draft. Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Garrett have a history together. When Saban was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins, he gave Garrett his first opportunity to coach in the NFL as the Dolphins quarterbacks coach. The two have remained close since their Miami days and have maintained a close professional bond

    Saban spoke very highly of the Cowboys head coach in a radio interview last July. Nick Saban: We interviewed about 10 quarterback coaches and finally we went to the Senior Bowl and everybody says, 'You need to talk to this guy Jason Garrett. He’s one of the brightest guys.' So I said OK, I mean, the guy’s never coached before and I’ve been trying to coach for thirty years to get a job like this ... now I’m going to hire a guy that hasn’t even coached. There was no doubt when we interviewed him as a staff that he was a hundred times better than the other 10 guys that had been coaching for a long time and had a significant amount of experience and that he had all the right stuff to be a great teacher and impact the players in a positive way and help them perform better. He certainly did that in his two years at Miami.
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    This article pretty much echo's how I feel.
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    Yeah, out of all of them, I figure Barron is the most underrated from what I have seen people say about him. Guess they read the word 'in box safety' and assumed he can't cover, but thats just not true.

    He was the glue that held the best secondary in the nation together and while I don't want him at 14, if we got in the 20 area after a trade down, I would welcome him to quarterback our D.

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