BTB:Cowboys Defensive End News: Clifton Geathers Re-Signed, Michael Brockers In Play

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 24, 2012.

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    by Archie Barberio on Apr 23, 2012 11:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys General

    LSU defensive lineman Michael Brockers may be the Cowboys fallback option. Fear the beard folks.
    Three nights away and finally the real thing will be here. The 2012 NFL Draft is almost here and everyone is getting anxious for the big event on Thursday. Nick Eatman of the mothership reported The Cowboys did make a move on Friday re-signing defensive end Clifton Geathers. The move isn't really a shocker because Geathers is a player the Cowboys obviously like. They signed him off waivers back in 2010 when the Seahawks released him.

    Geathers intrigues the Cowboys front office for a couple of reasons. He has size at 6'7, and 320 pounds. His combine performance back in 2010 does show he has some athletic ability for a man of his stature. He ran a 4.98 40 yard dash, had a 36 inch vertical jump and a 7.69 three-cone drill.

    His combine profile is an interesting read.

    Geathers has great size and above average strength for the defensive line position. He is better defending the run than the pass when he plays with good pad level. Geathers is inconsistent keeping good knee bend and his pad level down to maintain leverage on blockers. He can generate power once he gets going but he isn’t explosive off the line of scrimmage. Geathers needs lots of work developing his hand use and pass rush package. His technique is lacking to separate and shed. He only flashes as a playmaker and is an inconsistent reactor. Geathers is somewhat of a project and will need time to develop. There are some character concerns that need to be checked out.
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    Here is our 3rd option. In front of Decastro.
  3. SDogo

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    I agree

    1. Cox
    2. Barron
    3. Brockers
    4. DeCastro
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    It seems so. :(
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    Ok, so say barron, brockers and decastro are all there at 14. You get a call from say you get a call from jets, bengals and chargers. Jets want barron, chargers want floyd or wright, and bengals want richardson if he is still there. Would you trade down just to those spots, get a 3rd rounder and maybe a 6th or 7th thrown in if all 3 teams know their trying to each move up. So, then you could take whoever is left over, Brockers, Decastro or Barron.

    Your still gettting a starter and a good player from either of those 3, and I havent even mentioned Coples or Mercelius or Leichy yet or Poe or even Cordy Glenn who is a monster at OG. What would you do Sdogo?
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    I'd like him better as our 4th option. Or in a trade down but the thing i like about him is there are no questions about his motor. There is nothing i hate more than a player who has to be forced to want to play yeah Coples im looking at you!
  7. SDogo

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    No, problem is Richardson wont be there, both the Jets & Chargers are interested in Barron and the Bengals would swoop up DeCastro in a heart beat.

    Then you have the Eagles at 15 who will take Brockers or Barron who ever is left.

    Your passing on the two of the top 3 players on your board cause your greedy and want another 3rd round pick. If Barron and Brockers are your top two players and they are there why would give them away?
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  9. cowboyjoe

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    Not being greedy, I am saying this. The cowboys just dont have the players they used to have, they need more than just 1 or 2 players to put them over the top. We need at least 4-5 players at least.

    I am saying this at 14 (say your right richardson is gone) but these players are there:
    Cordy Glenn
    Leuchy LB
    Poe I am iffy on, is it played to much or just workout warrior?

    But say 8 players I mentioned above are all there (take away Poe)

    Dont trade way down to 22nd but maybe 16 to 18, not down any further

    I heard Jets want Safety, maybe OG (is Glenn not that good at OG than Decastro-I think Glenn is a monster at OG and can play ROT in a pinch)

    Chargers want a big WR like Floyd

    Bengals want a RB and a OL

    So, say 8 players I mentioned above are there, even Coples who I dont like because of his motor, but say he is there. Would you trade down, get a 3rd and 6th or 7th? But now down say to 22nd like cleveland who wants Kendall Wright from what Ive heard. Moving that far down your being to greedy but not down to 16 to 18.

    I am just saying what if cowboys get a bidding war from calls from Jets, Chargers and Bengals, what would you do?

    If not, dont get those calls, stay where you are and take safe pick at 14.
  10. SDogo

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    I don't do it, it's only a 3rd your going to get out of it. Your not going to solve the worlds problems with a 3rd. Your giving away the top 2 players on your board, 1 of them to a divisional rival. It's not worth it.

    If you have a half dozen players rated equally it makes sense, it does not make sense with the situation were given.
  11. cowboyjoe

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    Ok thats where I am confused then.
    From what I have studied, read, watched film, after top 12 players, the next 8 to 12 players are the same rated fairly equal.

    Barron is not a super safety. Not a ed reed or palomalu.

    Decastro who i love isnt a super OG, but very good. Brockers isnt noted for his pass rush, but is for his run defense and potential. Coples was superior his junior yr, but took off plays his senior yr which reminds me of spencer who admitted he quit on wade in 2010 and cowboys. Floyd isnt a great wr, but still good. Glenn is just as good to me at OG as Decastro. Now, saying that Decastro maybe better at C, which is what OL coach Callahan has done with good players, find his superior C to play and turn them into pro bowl players.

    Leuchy is a very good LB but not superior pass rusher but very good. So, arent these players I mentioned at 8, all the same grouping? I havent even mentioed Drepatrick, so is he a S or CB?

    What I am trying to say this Sdogo, arent the players after the top 12, equal to each other? And say you get chargers and jets competing to move up to get barron for example. You could then (when 2 teams or more are trying to trade up you get more of bargainng to get better draft picks right?) and you still could get Decastro at 16 if jets and chargers get in mix to move up to 14.

    I understand about not fixing problem with just a 3rd. Reason why I want a 3rd is to go get hopefully Foles or Osweiler at QB or another good player that falls, while still havin our own 3rd. Remember we got Jason Witten at TE in the 3rd rd in 2003.

    I think if cowboys can get about 4 good players in top 3 rounds, then next year is when they can move up in draft if need be and get that impact player like a troy aikman or a russell maryland or a tony dorsett or a randy white or ed jones.

    Get good players this year, then go get that big time impact player next year.
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    I think this is the realistic picture right now, as well.
  13. Cowboy Junkie

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    looks like we already have Braockers in Geathers and we didnt have to use the 14th overall pick to get him
  14. ABQcowboyJR

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    No kidding. Everytime I hear his name its always with "he is a such a dominate presence." I can't help but think of Geathers.
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    A run stopping DE at 14?! no thanks. Strong as ox? Didn't we have that in the past when Wade was here? useless....

    You can't just teach pass rushing skills. Some people just have it and others don't. If you can teach that skill then imaging how many great pass rushers there would be since there are so many athletic big men around.

    At 14 draft a good pass rusher who can defend the run not the other way around and hope he develop pass rush skill.

    Just say no to Brocker!
  16. SMCowboy

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    Name me the last interior lineman that was a great pass rusher as a Sophomore in college. Just a hint, you will have to go back a VERY long time.

    You are looking at a 3-4 DE, these are not typical pass rushers, rushing the passer as a DL, absolutely is a skill you have to aquire.
  17. btcutter

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  18. SMCowboy

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    Here, the the problem what you have heard about Mark Barron, is wrong according to the highly respected draft analyst, and scouts. He absolutely has the talent to be an impact safety. He can and does have all the skills to be a dominate player. He can lock down a TE in man coverage, he can play the extra LB, AND he can lineup and hold his own against slot receivers.

    Michael Brockers has the potential to be another Richard Seymour. His pass rush skill's are still a work in progress, but he is already a dominate run stuffer.

    Neither of these guys are guys you worry about an extra 3rd roudn DP, if you like them.
  19. cowboy_ron

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    Quality over quantity please
  20. Ren

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    When ever i think of Brockers as the pick i can't help but think of Spears,
    I really don't want another Spears at 14

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