Video: BTB:Cowboys Next (Two) Opponents: Video Review Of Washington @ Miami

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    Cowboys Next (Two) Opponents: Video Review Of Washington @ Miami
    by Tom Ryle on Nov 17, 2011 4:00 AM CST in Dallas Cowboys Games

    The Cowboys are going back to Landover and hoping to stay on a roll.

    It's time for the weekly review of the last game played by the Dallas Cowboys' next opponent. We are headed to Landover to play the Washington Redskins, so I went through the game video of their game against the Miami Dolphins. This is a very convenient game for me, because the Dolphins are also our Thanksgiving opponent, and with the short week, I will likely be using my game notes to talk about them before that game.

    But for now, I am focused on the Washington Redskins, one of our favorite teams to hate. There have been some memorable contests, with exciting wins and bitter losses for us. Sadly, this does not look to be one of the great games in the series, because the Redskins are quite frankly in a bunch of trouble right now. Riddled by injuries, beset with fan dissatisfaction over their 3-6 start and five game losing streak, the 'skins are fading fast. While the Cowboys can never take them for granted, this game should not, according to just about any way you look at it, be very competitive.

    What I saw after the jumpy thingie.

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