News: BTB: Cowboys @ Packers: Notes On The Game

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    Cowboys @ Packers: Notes On The Game

    by Dave Halprin on Nov 3, 2010 1:26 PM CDT in Dallas

    There was a time, say about August of this year, when people saw this game as a big-time match-up between two NFC powerhouses. Well, needless to say, that vision needed some serious Lasik surgery. The Green Bay Packers are still doing their part, at 5-3 they're right in the thick of things in the NFC. The Dallas Cowboys? Not so much.

    The Packers are coming off a shutout, blanking the New York Jets 9-0. Shutting out a team in the NFL today is a tough task, so the Pack defense deserves praise, especially given the Jets were coming off a five-game win streak, were at home, and they'd been scoring points in that streak. The Pack offense struggled, but that shouldn't be a problem for them this week, given the current state of the Dallas defense.

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    NBC will have a field day with this game, discussing the on-going soap opera that is DALLAS football.

    It will actually be highly viewed since viewership INCREASES in national games when DALLAS is losing. More people tune in to watch.

    This team has quit and are simply collecting their checks each Tuesday. I am sure a few are already making plans for the early off season start January 3. If the CBA doesn't happen and a lockout goes down on 3/1/11, they will be off for up to 18 months (assuming next season is 2012).

    Anyway, back on point on the game up at Lambeau. No surprise - Green Bay will tear DALLAS a new one on Sunday night. 41-17 or somewhere around there.

    1-7 at midway point.

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