News: BTB: Cowboys Players Begin 9-Week Audition For New Coaching Staff Tonight

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    Cowboys Players Begin 9-Week Audition For New Coaching Staff Tonight
    by One.Cool.Customer


    Troy Aikman weighs in on the Cowboys success model.

    With wholesale coaching changes inevitable, Troy Aikman reflected in an interview with KTCK-AM 1310 (partial transcript here) what the success model for the Cowboys has looked like in the past.

    Aikman points out that while some franchises haven't won anything yet, and thus don't really know what it takes to win, the Cowboys do have a winning model.

    Aikman argues that for the players on the team, it doesn't really matter who is making the personnel decisions, the owner, the GM, the coaches or somebody else. So whether Jerry hires a GM or a 'consultant', continues to run things the way he does or hands over more responsibility to his sons is of little to no consequence for the players. We fans and large parts of the media tend to get lost in endless debates about Jerry's role in the franchise. Irrelevant, says the man with three Super Bowl rings.

    What mattered above all else was having a coach in the house who the players had to answer to, and Aikman uses the Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells years as examples. Those were coaches the players felt were in control, and if the players didn't do what either of these coaches were asking of them, there'd be hell to pay.....
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    Kinda why unless we win out it's probably better if we tank so jerry doesn't buy into this staff for another year ya know?

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