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    by Tom Ryle on Jul 14, 2012 6:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys General

    There are many opportunities and paths to a job in the NFL. Unfortunately, getting adopted by a team owner is not usually feasible.
    Welcome back to another edition of "Ask BTB," in which we give our loyal readers the opportunity to ask the front-page writers a nagging question to which we will offer our best response. A reminder at this juncture that there are several ways for you to submit your questions. First, you can send an email directly This allows you to make you questions as detailed as possible. If you have a quick, short-winded question, feel free to Tweet KD @BloggingTheBoys (in addition to all his fine posts, KD is the voice of our Twitter presence). Make sure you use the hashtag #AskBTB so he'll know to send it down the front-page pipeline. And: remember to include your BTB handle in your correspondence!

    Paul Peixoto asked a question quite a few of us have probably fantasized about: How does someone become part of an organization? I understand start from the bottom like Mangini did but how does one actually apply? Do teams offer, for example, internships on scouting and other departments?

    Well, it helps to be a close relative of the owner. But that is not much help to us, and really, the family just gets the big jobs at the very top, as a casual look at the organization chart of the Dallas Cowboys will make clear. Now, dealing with options available to us mere mortals whose incomes are not targeted for higher tax rates, there really is not one or even a few answers. The fact is that there are 32 teams in the league, and that means 32 different organizations and cultures - at any given time. A change in the head coach, or a new GM, or ownership change will all have drastic effects on that. So in a way, this is just going to involve some common sense and deciding what you really want to do.

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