News: BTB: Cowboys "Power Runs" Focus More On Deceit

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    Cowboys "Power Runs" Focus More On Deceit
    by Dave Halprin

    When it comes to the power running game of the Cowboys, it's anything but conventional. Earlier this season, we noted how at the goal line against the Patriots, they lined up in a heavy power package, and then ran Jason Witten behind the line and out into the flats for a pass. Seems that Jason Garrett just doesn't like a 'gut' run in short-yardage situations.

    Against the Seahawks early in the first quarter of last Sunday's game, the Cowboys were faced with a third and one. They came out with two tight ends lined up to the right of the formation, in front of an I-set, with a lone receiver split left. This looked liked a power run to the right. The Seahawks defense is shifted over to compensate.

    Below is another view of the power set that gives a clear view of the Seahawks line shifted to their left, leaving lots of open field to the Cowboys on the other side. Garrett got what he wanted because he had no plans of punching it up the gut to the Cowboys left.

    Once the play starts, Tony Romo pitches to DaMarco Murray nine yards deep in the backfield. That's a big risk, starting a third and one play that deep. A Seattle player from the backside reads the play and looks like he might have an angle on Murray. Doug Free blocks down freeing up Montrae Holland to pull to the outside. Fullback Tony Fiametta is left to deal with the free defensive end.

    This is what DeMarco Murray sees, and he has to like it. By showing just a bit of patience and setting up the blocks, he knows he has an alley to run through...

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