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News: BTB: Cowboys Sign TE Cochart, Get Everyone They Wanted Onto The Practice Squad

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. CCBoy

    CCBoy Benched

    24,891 Messages
    5,501 Likes Received
    Cowboys Sign TE Cochart, Get Everyone They Wanted Onto The Practice Squad
    by One.Cool.Customer


    Busy day at Valley Ranch so far. After Friday's cuts that left many Cowboys fans scratching their heads, the Cowboys went out and signed themselves an extra tight end, signed eight players to their practice squad and released quarterback Stephen McGee.

    The Cowboys claimed TE Colin Cochart (6-4, 260) off waivers from the Bengals and added him to the 53-man roster. To compensate for the roster move, the Cowboys cut ties with 2009 draft pick Stephen McGee. Cochart started three games for the Bengals last year and played in 10. Cochart is considered primarily a blocker, and only caught five passes for 44 yards and one touchdown in last year.

    The Cowboys signed eight players to their practice squad. None of the Cowboys' Friday cuts were picked up off waivers by other teams, so the practice squad is made up entirely of players the Cowboys had in camp: WR Danny Coale, LB Orie Lemon, RB Lance Dunbar, RB Jamize Olawale, DT Robert Calloway, DE Ben Bass, WR Tim Benford and G Ron Leary...
  2. FLcowboy

    FLcowboy Hopeful this is the year Zone Supporter

    3,883 Messages
    128 Likes Received
    Well, I'm pretty pleased with the practice squad. And Cochart blocking skills will be valuable as a replacement for Witten. Witten may become a hybrid WR for the next few games.
  3. CowboyChris

    CowboyChris Well-Known Member

    4,841 Messages
    1,665 Likes Received
    great job by the staff, we got everyone we wanted back on the PS
  4. bigE79

    bigE79 Active Member

    2,414 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Sure did,the staff new what they were doing:starspin
  5. T-RO

    T-RO Well-Known Member

    6,352 Messages
    2,456 Likes Received
    Apparently not one team in the NFL wanted any of our roster-misses. OK. I see nothing worthy of congratulation for our staff here. Can you explain?
  6. CCBoy

    CCBoy Benched

    24,891 Messages
    5,501 Likes Received
    Why? All you do is doubt...and ask others to do the work.
  7. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

    16,714 Messages
    0 Likes Received
  8. StarMan

    StarMan Well-Known Member

    1,208 Messages
    354 Likes Received
    I'm happy overall. Only guy I hated to see get away was Hamilton.
  9. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    65,769 Messages
    20,036 Likes Received
    I've seen a lot of rueing about losing Adrian Hamilton.
  10. LeonDixson

    LeonDixson Illegitimi non carborundum

    10,446 Messages
    390 Likes Received
    I'm one of the rue'ers.:p:
  11. silver

    silver Well-Known Member

    6,370 Messages
    1,077 Likes Received
    we could claim him off their practice squad if we wanted to in the future. once witten comes back we wont need a 4th TE.
  12. CowboyChris

    CowboyChris Well-Known Member

    4,841 Messages
    1,665 Likes Received
    well...the staff had to take into consideration which players they could re-sign back to the practice squad. and guessed right...ie Lemon, Coale.

    kudos goes out to them, not to mention the trade for Cook as well.
  13. Boys122

    Boys122 Well-Known Member

    1,382 Messages
    36 Likes Received
    I'm glad it turned out that way. What is the actual rule about other teams signing players off our practice squad?

    Can they at any time sign one of our practice squad players and sign them to their 53 man roster?
  14. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

    49,137 Messages
    11,712 Likes Received
    Yes they can.
  15. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    65,769 Messages
    20,036 Likes Received
    Not likely unless we are prepared to put him on the 53.
  16. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

    5,445 Messages
    1,169 Likes Received
    I didn't see where Hamilton landed?
  17. jjktkk

    jjktkk Well-Known Member

    2,131 Messages
    284 Likes Received
  18. D29Murray

    D29Murray New Member

    378 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    Ahhh... yeah? It's called: They have their own talent they want to worry about and resign.

    Seriously. Folks act like the Cowboys are the only people in the league that have to make cuts, and whose cuts are free for grabs.

    EVERY team has to go through this. EVERY team has people they want to keep. EVERY team worries that someone will take their players.

    Teams cut 22 people on Friday. That's 704 Free Agents. I'm absolutely shocked that the team wasn't staring down our 22!
  19. KoRnyBrad

    KoRnyBrad I am the Bat!

    268 Messages
    22 Likes Received
    I for one am glad we got to keep Olawale around. Not only do I like when they announce his name, I think he will be a good short yard/goal line/power back down the road if we need one.
  20. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

    7,159 Messages
    1,263 Likes Received
    that's great, i really want to keep Lemon and think he may be a cheaper, more upside version of Conner. Surprised he wasn't picked up. Think he has a place in the league as a 3-4 ILB thumper. If he lasts on the PS, could see Conner dropped next season and add Lemon to the active roster.
    Liked the other PS signings too, surprised they all made the PS and weren't picked up.

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